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Lunch Time Poll: Back to School Reading

I cannot believe summer is almost over. It seems like it went by so fast. With summer winding down, it can mean only one thing: back to school time.  As a child I loved to read; well, I still love to read too. (Wow, that sounded like a Mitch Hedberg sentence.) By the time I was a freshman in high school, I was assigned summer reading to have ready by the first school day of the year. I actually loved summer reading. My parents would take me to a cabin about three weeks before school so I could read my three or four summer books in the course of a week and complete all my homework assignments. I think this is partially why I still love to read in spurts. I devour books sometimes in four or five hours. I have been known to pull the Harry Potter all-nighter.

So, I have been thinking about reading some books that take place in schools in honor of back to school time. I mean, it’s time to reread Harry Potter anyway. Also, I have been contemplating reading some Judy Blume books in honor of my second puberty (which I am having a much easier time with than the first one). I guess I am always destined to act like a teenager.

So dear Persphoneers, what have you been reading recently even if you aren’t gearing up to go back to school? Do you have any fond memories of back to school reading as a teen?

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I only ever got assigned one book for summer reading that I actually enjoyed, and that was Brave New World. The only book I didn’t finish was Leaves of Grass. I got to about 200 pages in, realized that I was less than a quarter of the way through the book and decided that Walt Whitman had won and put it down.

This summer I reread Catch-22. I always forget that as hard as I laugh at the beginning of that book, the end makes me cry. Every time.

I am a huge sucker for any book set in a boarding school or prep school (If magic or supernatural stuff is around that’s a double bonus). I have no idea why. I will gladly read books with the thinnest of plots if rich kids are wearing matching uniforms and attending theme parties. I was never assigned a summer reading list and I feel like I missed out on some right of passage or something.

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