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Lunch Time Poll: Nerd Rage

Sunday evening, my Twitter and Facebook blew up. This is because Stephen Moffat announced the new Doctor. It was an old white man and Twitter/Facebook were pissed. We were all holding out the new Doctor would be something different other than a white male. Internet casting had the front runners of Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren, and Chiwetel Eljiofor as the three in the lead of dream casting. People were demanding a POC or a woman as the new Doctor. No one believed those three would actually get the role but was more of an outline to what fans wanted. Sadly Moffat gave us another white man in the string of Doctors. Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor and I am looking forward to Twelve but compared to what could have been, I am a bit disappointed.

We nerds love to rage against anything that seems to be against what we think is best for a series, movie, comic, or novel. A lot of times, the rage is misplaced stupidity like people complaining about Idris being cast as Heimdahl or Michael B. Jordan being considered for the part of Johnny Storm. J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is another recent case of Nerd Rage.

So Persphoneers, do you have any nerd rage? I can tell you when they announced a new Buffy movie a few years back, I went bananas because, well, you get why.

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The Constantine movie. God I have so much hate for that thing. Constantine is British. He pronounces his name like it rhymes with clementine. The way he got rid of his cancer in the comics is more badass. They give him a different backstory. Tilda Swinton is the only redeeming part of that film.

I believe I’ve said this before here (or on Tumblr) but as much as I would love to have a POC or female Doctor, I don’t want that while Moffat is the showrunner. Also, Neil Gaiman is sadly on my shit list now because of his comments about a female Doctor, essentially saying, “Now’s not a good time.” Well if not now, when?

I think if there was going to be a female Doctor, you’d have to have a pre-committed team that’s going to make sure that the fundamental personality of the Doctor isn’t changed just because he’s a she. On the other hand, I think a lot of the Doctor’s behaviors would be interpreted very differently in a he vs. a she. You know, along the lines of how a “take charge” guy is strong and commanding, but a “take charge” woman is bitchy or bossy. (But I think a female Doctor that’s along the lines of the TARDIS incarnation from the Garbage planet episode could be awesome…or brain exploding…ooohhhh, they could make HER the Doctor, how trippy could THAT be?)

And then there’s the question of how do they treat the gender change. Do they handle it like the other regenerations with “I need to figure out this new body” but nothing else really changes? Or should other people treat the Doctor differently because of the femaleness?

And all the writers/actors/producers/everyone is going to have to be ready to weather a HUGE storm of people going to nutso cuz OMGAWOMAN! I mean, people flipped over putting Jane Austen on a pound note, and a female doctor would be a way bigger deal than that. And you’d have the people really looking to blame anything wrong on a female Doctor, so there’d be a lot of pressure to make EVERYSINGLEEPISODE absolutely awesome, because if an episode clanks, it must be because of the overwhelming femaleness (and not, you know, poor writing/direction/anything else)

And finally, Moffat is the showrunner. I think the one thing that the entire internet can agree on is that a female Doctor would probably be a disaster if Moffat is in charge. Look at River Song-I think they could have done so much with her, and, well, didn’t, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

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