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Lunchtime Poll: Browser Games

Another day, another invitation to Candy Crush.

While I never played Farmville, I did enjoy some Facebook games. Then I got paranoid about giving out so much personal information and stopped playing. Ah well.

I do still enjoy other browser games, though, especially puzzle games. I can happily waste away hours at PopCap Games playing Bejeweled. I also love the browser games at Playrix, especially the hidden object ones, though sadly those are really demos and thus offer limited game play.

Do you play any browser games? What genres do you enjoy?

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I LOVE casual games. My weaknesses are tower defense, strategy, and time management games. I don’t have the patience for hidden object games, though.

I play through BigFish and GameHouse, both of which offer really, really good deals if you watch them closely. Both of them have hundreds of hidden object games.

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