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Lunchtime Poll: Pet Personalities

This week, history was made. Well, it was if you’re a pit bull.

The Obama administration has officially come out against Breed Specific Legislation, laws that target pit bulls and other breeds considered “dangerous.” These laws restrict ownership of certain breeds, and can even require euthanization.

Anyone who’s met me knows my love for my dogs, and specifically for my pit bull mix. “Punish the deed, not the breed” is a mantra that you’ll hear from many pit bull lovers. Nothing would break my heart more than having to give up part of my family because of the sins of a few, because that’s what he is, family.

We hear a lot about what you can expect from certain breeds of dogs, but every pet is unique. In honor of defying expectations, what’s your pet’s personality? Are they a cuddle bug? King of the mountain? The joker or serious business? A big softie or a mini diva?

(And on a side note, Buzzfeed has come out with an article, “37 Pictures That will Restore Your Faith in Pit Bulls” that will feed your cute quota for the day.)

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This is my Mia, hanging out on my boyfriend’s lap. She’s super easy-going, in that you can do just about anything to her and she’ll put up with it. She gets a little sassy and used to be really shy, but since we’ve gotten roommates, she’s really opened up. She clearly loves being on laps, and of course has the spidey-sense to know right when you’re thinking about getting up to go to the bathroom/do something productive/leave. But she’s so sweet I always end up staying.

Reji is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and her temperament is all terrier. At night, she sleeps at my right hip and two cats sleep at my left hip, all under the blankets. What I love about having Reji is seeing how complex her idea of a perfect day is. She begs for her rawhide strip in the morning. I get coffee, she gets a strip. Then the puppy puzzles and their sliding, pulling rotating cups, drawers etc must be made available just like my crossword. Then she wants a two part walk. She wants to go to the baseball field and play with the other dogs. No, she doesn’t want to chase balls. She wants to chase the really big dogs chase the balls. Then it’s time for the walk. No, playing with the other dogs isn’t enough. Now we get to check the neighborhood for calling cards and leave a few of her own. In the 50’s women would leave an engraved calling card. Reji leave a much for fluid type of card.

Noon is here and she has a long list of things to do after her nap. I would be a recluse if it weren’t for that lovely little dog. And yes, I’m anxious about her. I hurt my foot and this morning my friend took her on a walk with two other dogs. It was so hard, worrying if she would be all right. When she got home, she promptly rang the bell by the back door to be let out and ignored our company.

My partner is disabled, and she’s said before the dogs have saved her. Even I wouldn’t go outside nearly as often if it wasn’t for the dogs! Which is good, no matter how little I want to do it, and it gets me out and about.

Reji sounds like a sweet dog. I think it’s great that she has a nice schedule- gives some consistency, which is great for dogs (which is something we have trouble with.)

As my avatar shows, I love my pit bull. All the technicians and front desk workers as his vet clinic love him too.

I think the word to describe Melvin would be loyal. As soon as my dad gets home he never leaves his side. My dad calls him his shadow. He’s capable of being a shit head, but how can you not love something that’s so loyal and loving?

Here is a pic I took of Melvin with Instagram since I’m trying to up my hipster cred.

He’s GORGEOUS. Look at those pretty eyes! He reminds me so much of Bowser.

I completely understand about loving them and how they’re so loyal… my dogs can drive me nuts, and it’s hard when I’m in a depression and can’t play with them so much so they get bored (even if Gina’s there too.) But there are just some days when all I want to do is hug them. They’re so forgiving, so resilient, and SO loving.

Brat. Is brat a personality? I went home for lunch to let Daisy out today and after I set my stuff down she went over to her leash and did her, “Right now, Mama!” grumble-talk. So I put the leash on her and we went out. Usually she goes right away, but today she was sniffing everywhere. A few minutes later, I got a call from my visiting boyfriend who asked, “Are you out with the dog? I just took her for a walk ten minutes ago,” as Daisy happily sniffed and pointed at everything interesting. Then when I hauled her ass back inside she got her favorite toy and dropped it at my feet.


Pitties are so gorgeous-not the right breed for us, but I do love me some giant block heads! At my vet’s office, they have a piece of paper saying something like, ” horrible things can happen if pits and kids are left alone together, do not lift up this paper unless you can handle a truly awful sight” with about 8 million exclamation points. Lift the paper and there’s a white pit, belly up, COVERED in magic marker “tattoos.”

I have two bassets and they’re both snuggle bugs. Gershwin’s favorite thing is to drape all 90 pounds across a lap and not let the human up until he’s 100 percent done with his nap. He really doesn’t like other people or dogs, but husband and I can do whatever we want to him and he just gives us his most sad, pathetic, “I love you, why do you do this to me?” look. He also lets little dog brother chew on his ears-we actually wish he would assert his authority and not let little dog do it cause it makes his ears slimy and gross.

Schubert, on the other hand, is a total princess. We will NOT get our toes wet, we WILL pet him NOW, we will NOT give him a bath (OK, we will, but he WILL complain loudly the entire time), Gershwin WILL give him the toy NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, Papa make him give me the toy NOW. He can also be quite sassy-when he wants to play, he’ll drape his ears behind his head, stare at you, then call you a turkey. He’ll also lay down in your path and when you reach down to pet him, jump up and start running in circles.

I will happily take any opportunity to talk about my cats.

Widget, also known as Widgidor Poufins, is the alpha. She’s loud, she gets jealous easily, and she is the most aggressively snuggly cat I’ve ever met, to people she likes.
Ru, also known as Rubidiah Stain, is laid back, can sleep almost anywhere, and steals all my jewelry off my night stand.
Loki, also known as Mr. Loki Bear, is the oldest. He could be petted 24 hours a day, he doesn’t much care for moving around, and is in charge of reminding me when it’s time to feed them.

Awwwww, that’s adorable. Beautiful cat too :)
Bowser is a cuddle bug too… Though he’s 60 lbs, so it’s pretty awkward. On one hand, great when you’re feeling down to have your pet near. They really do calm people down. On the other hand… well, he’s 60 lbs, lol.

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