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Lunchtime Poll: Scariest Moment in a Video Game

Playing all that Skyrim at 2 a.m. has not been good for my unconscious brain.

I bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim not long after it came out in 2011. I actually bought it as a Christmas present for my husband, but I’ve played it far more than he has.

Only last week did we finally get the DLCs for it. He’s been playing Dawnguard and I’ve been playing Dragonborn.

Dragonborn is tough (well, I was only level 10 or so at the time) and can be really scary. For example, one moment I was in the “real world,” chillin’ in Skyrim, then suddenly I was transported to a hellish Lovecraftian nightscape.

Not cool.

The Gorechimera in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a close second for scares. Well, that might be more scary, and Dragonborn more surprising.

What’s the scariest encounter you’ve had in a video game?


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BioShock. Just the whole game. As in, level one. Shows the extent of my videogaming. The premise intrigued me. We turned it on at eight pm, it was dark, and our parents weren’t home. Ten minutes and I had to shut it off. My little brother sold it a few months later back to GameStop.

Probably my initial run-in with the Balverines in Fable 2 was what scared me the most–in a “holy crap, where did this slashy monster come from and why can’t I kill it” sort of way. I was using surround sound gaming headphones at the time too, so I was very focused on the game and the mood music, and…well, I get a little too emotionally involved in games. Also, I couldn’t play much of Fallout 3 (the only Fallout I’ve yet to play) because as soon as I was in the Wasteland, I was lost, it was night, and these mutant hyena monsters were trying to kill me, and then these murderous irradiated bad guys were camping out in a school and trying to kill me, and basically, I didn’t want to be killed by EVERYONE, so I quit. To be fair, that was a few years ago, and I have yet to revisit it. At the same time, I really enjoy playing Borderlands, and that has a similar playing style so…maybe I would enjoy Fallout now?

Planescape: Torment, all of it, and Shadowgate from the NES when I was like… ten. If you ever want to be truly evil to someone who’s complaining about bizarre deaths in a game, make them get an NES emulator and *that*.

They may not talk to you for a week or two before coming up and yelling “WTF?!?”

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