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Lunchtime Poll: Smartphone Customizations

It may not the be the newest and greatest, but now that I have a more recent version of a smartphone, after the initial squeal of delight came the “what the hell do I do now?”

My previous smartphone experience was a mix of frustration and awe. Spotify was the best app I’ve ever come across – it completely revolutionized how I listen to and store music. Beyond that, because of terrible service, I never particularly engaged with a lot of other applications.

What about all of you? What are your favorite phone apps and customizations?

By Bipolar Gurl

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The Twitter, mostly for keeping track of local traffic issues, like drawbridge openings. Our state DOT is pretty awesome about tweeting travel times, back-ups, things like that. I also find the flashlight app surprisingly useful.

I like the Amazing Weather app-I can have the weekly or hourly forecast show up on my lockscreen. Not have to swipe up and click a tile saves whole milliseconds! I can then use those valuable milliseconds to provide tummy scratches to the bassets.

I use the Makeup Alley app when I’m in Target and trying to decide if I should try a moisturizer or cleanser because they have pretty extensive reviews. I wrote a piece on the Buycott app which I use on a frequent basis when grocery shopping and I have a Sleep Pillow app that I use when I’m trying to sleep on an airplane or in a hotel.

Hmm…besides Candy Crush? I’m a fan of customized ring tones. I do a lot of banking via the Chase app- I take pictures of my checks!

I’m also a huge fan of setting alarms and reminders, etc. oh! And Urban Spoon is super handy on the fly. Apps of the local news stations are helpful, as are the apps for the grocery stores I frequent. And CardStar for storing all those pesky store membership card numbers, etc.

The Amazon app is equal parts handy and dangerous.

Curious to see what else people have discovered!

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