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Lunchtime Poll: Superheroine Blockbusters

It’s official: comic book and superhero movies are so hot right now. With the success of The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Man of Steel, and others, it’s apparent that it’s the time for superheroes to take their place on the big screen. The tragedy of this boon is that the superheroines don’t seem to be following in their male counterpart’s footsteps.

If you could see one superheroine movie created, what would it be?

By Bipolar Gurl

Bipolar Gurl is an artist and... well, that's about it really. Multi-talented she is not.

4 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Superheroine Blockbusters”

We need a Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel movie stat. Guardians of the Galaxy would be a great way to introduce her to the universe even if she is an Earth based character. Her new series is amazing and she is by far one of the best written and well rounded characters aside from some hideous costumes.

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