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Greetings! This week’s edition will be of the news appetizer variety. Enjoy!

The federation of Southeast Asian countries known as ASEAN is trying to convince China to play nice in regards to maritime rights and how it can’t rule all the waters surrounding Asia.

This piece looks at religious conflicts in Southeast Asia, which is timely as this article reports that religious conflicts in Asia are on the rise.

An imam who accused a young Christian girl of blasphemy was just acquitted of blasphemy himself in Pakistan. He was accused of desecrating the Quran in order to frame the girl.

The US and Europe aren’t the only ones dealing with the consequences of climate change.

The Chinese government upheld an 11 year prison sentence for the brother-in-law of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo.

The UN is seeking $98 million for critical humanitarian aid to North Korea.

Speaking of North Korea, an agreement has been reached with South Korea to reopen the Kaesong Industrial Park, a joint industrial venture between the two countries.

A female member of the Afghani parliament, Fariba Ahmadi Kakar, was kidnapped by the Taliban and held for ransom. The Taliban is demanding the release of four insurgent commanders in exchange.

In Kashmir, a teenage girl is trying to pass on sufi music to the next generation.

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