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The 10 Stages of Reading Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed feels like the Internet version of VH1 programming like I Love the 90s and Pop Up Video. Only with more feelings about reading it.

1. Be grabbed by a tantalizing Buzzfeed headline that follows this basic formula about a random number of things that explain blank. Hey, I’m a blank! This might be good!

A gif of spongebob squarepants eating popcorn

2. Laugh at the first gif. That’s so true! The subtleties of this cultural phenomenon are totally revealed in this animated gif.

Gif of a monster saying This

3. Think, “I’m pretty sure I saw this on tumblr/reddit two weeks ago.”

Joe Biden says "malarkey!"
Gif courtesy of

4. Wonder if you’re contributing to the cycle of lazy journalism.

Liz Lemon Judgmental Face

5. Feel a brain cell die.

Naomi Watts REaction Gif

6. Get the sneaking feeling you’ve read this same article on Buzzfeed before, only with a different combination of numbers.

Kristen Wig That's Accurate

7. Right click and save as a good reaction gif. That’ll come in handy on tumblr.

Gif of power range awesome

8. Remember that Buzzfeed makes oodles of money on reposting the same gifs week after week while people doing actual work make nothing.

Mad at the Internet Gif

9. Oh, hey, that’s a funny gif!

A gif of people laughing

10. Hate yourself because you laughed at least twice.

George Michael's Sad Walk

By [E] Sally Lawton

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11. Think, “Hey, remember that one time BuzzFeed stole one of my posts in its entirety and then did absolutely nothing when I asked for credit or to have it taken down?”*

12. Realize that this is how they generate almost all of their content.

*This actually happened. To me. With one of my P-Mag posts. I will never be over it.

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