The 5 Stages of Moving

Our dear Pileofmonkeys gave some really good advice about moving the other week. It’s very practical. But I’m not practical.

Stage 1: Denial

Your place is perfect. It’s cute. Packing means it’ll be less perfect. You don’t need to pack!

A gif from Doctor Who captioned "I don't want to go."

Stage 2: Anger

Why do you have all this stuff? Why won’t it fit in the truck? Why is your new apartment so small? WHHHHYYYY?

A gif of someone being very angry

Stage 3: Bargaining

Would you buy my couch for $75 so I don’t have to move it? Would you help me drive the truck for a six-pack of beer?

A gif of Carrie Fisher on 30 Rock captioned "Help me Liz Lemon! You're my only hope!"

Stage 4: Depression

Your place is now empty. And sad. There’s no art on the walls and you can’t find your corkscrew.

A gif of George Michael's Sad Walk on Arrested Development.

Stage 5: Acceptance

The truck is packed, you’re on the road! Unpacking is so much easier than unpacking! Off you go!

A gif of The Dude Driving

By [E] Sally Lawton

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6 replies on “The 5 Stages of Moving”

Yep, I just moved. By ‘just’ of course I mean it’s been several weeks and not everything is unpacked or set up yet. Many things went wrong, some on our end, most not on our end. The new place is awesome but kind of a mixed bag. Pro – there’s a motorized stream and koi pond and hot tub and outdoor fireplaces and pool table and sound wired through the house and a fountain in my office. Con – the stream was busted until yesterday, no idea how to use the fountain, landlord is a bit flaky, a lot of little things need to be fixed (we, of course, have pictures because you always take pictures when you move!!!!). We’re closer to shops/restaurants/parks than we were before, and have a lot more space, so it was worth it, but it is a soul-crushing experience. To think I’ve done it over 50 times now :::shudder:::

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