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There’s No Rain in this Open Thread

Usually when I’m singing along off-key with the ’90s station in the car, my 4-year-old gets kind of annoyed. Last week when I dropped her off at camp for the day, though, she asked me to keep singing the song that had been on. Turns out I’ve got myself a Blind Melon fan!

I showed her the “No Rain” video that evening and she was absolutely entranced by the Bee Girl’s storyline, and she later asked me to sing┬áthe song to her at bedtime (a very welcome change from the same four freaking animals on Old MacDonald’s farm every bloody night). If she hadn’t outgrown her tap shoes, I’d be trying to convince her that Bee Girl would be an awesome Halloween costume!

Are you complaining about the rain or lack thereof? Already planning Halloween? Or have anything else fun going on? Let’s chat in the comments!

By [E] Hillary

Hillary is a giant nerd and former Mathlete. She once read large swaths of "Why Evolution is True" and a geology book aloud to her infant daughter, in the hopes of a) instilling a love of science in her from a very young age and b) boring her to sleep. After escaping the wilds of Waco, Texas and spending the next decade in NYC, she currently lives in upstate New York, where she misses being able to get decent pizza and Chinese takeout delivered to her house. She lost on Jeopardy.

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I had a college roommate who was extremely superstitious about “No Rain,” (she said someone got hurt or died every time she heard it, which, in the early ’90s, must have involved a lot of Blind Melon-related casualties). I scoffed it off as something ridiculous, but to this day, any time I hear this song start, I flinch and turn it off as quickly as possible.

For someone who’s not superstitious, I’m REALLY superstitious.

It’s cloudy and there’s thunder, but it hasn’t rained and the system might roll through without a drop of rain here, though it could be a monsoon a mile away. I wish it would just clear out because I was wanting to jump in the pool for a bit.

Oh and bee girl is my forever favorite. I think I may have cried the first time I watched the video cause I could relate.

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