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This Open Thread Has Drag Queens. And Radiohead.

Oh hot damn, y’all. Shine bright like a diamond.

An OK Computer, Subterranean Homesick Alien, Climbing Up the Walls – Wigs and Wonder and WOW diamond. Yes, poodles. This Tuesday night, I’m celebrating out little open thread party with drag queens doing justice to Radiohead’s seminal hit.

That’s how I’m rocking my Tuesday evening. How you gonna do yours?


By TheLadyMiss

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I will be checking these out when I get home from work!

My Tuesday evening wasn’t particularly rocking – just chilling with Mr. Matz at his house. But tonight I’m heading to Armagh – he’s leaving his mother down for a few days break with her sisters and I’m joining them for the ride.

I’ve never been to Armagh before, so I’m looking forward to a brief change of scenary.

I can’t link the video, since I’m in work, but I’ll probably be listening to some Gogol Bordello. I’m thinking Not A Crime.

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