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This Open Thread Is Living In The Past

Hello m’dears, and Happy Monday! I’m writing to you from the past. Well, kind of. I’ve been staying in my childhood home for four weeks now; the weather has been glorious, and we’ve done a lot to bring back precious memories – zoo trips, ice cream by the fountain, and travelling old school in an actual train with actual opening windows and actual wind in our hair. Now my daughter has found my old scooter, and I’m constantly being quizzed about the old days. It might be getting a bit much, really – I can hardly remember what my real, grown-up home looks like!

What memories have you come across lately? Are they ever too much for you?

By Karo

Schnazzy East German translator and cricket obsessive residing in England. I have other qualities, too.

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All my things have been moved out of my parents’ house at this point except for baby stuff that’s expected to get passed on to the next generation at some point. I did have a moment of nostalgia a couple of weeks ago when my fiance and I were sleeping on an air mattress in the room where I spent ages 11-23- it’s been completely cleared out and the only thing remaining from my residence is the flower border painted around the mirror!

Off topic, I couldn’t get to P-Mag’s articles yesterday and I’m not sure why- the home page was loading strangely. Anyone else?

Both my room and my brother’s are completely changed now, and I can’t find any of my old toys in the attic. It’s strange, but I think having children helps – you feel like you’re a different person anyway, it’s not like somebody has kicked you out, more like you have left voluntarily and started something new…

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