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Sweet Kittens, you know it is Tuesday right? And you know what that means, right? It means we are just one day closer to the weekend, which means one day closer to rest, relaxation, and whatever it is you children like to do on the weekends. Me? I like to sit back with my favorite heart warming show, Les Toddlers et Les Tiaras.

Now, I disagree with Taystee (those dresses are on point), but I also won’t judge anyone for their sweet taste in horrible reality shows. So kittens, what is your favorite way to waste the time away with the mindless, the absurd, and the divine?

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I waste my time with Tumblr, Netflix (Mostly Parks and Rec), and recently I found these otome dating games by Voltage for the iTouch/iPhone.

I have an interview tomorrow and I’m super nervous. I’ve been practicing but I still worry. It’s a marketing internship and in the cover letter I said my event planning experience can also be translated to marketing. I hope if they ask me why my answer will satisfy them.

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