This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny is Getting Pissed Off

Another week, another massive list of misogyny in the news. But never fear! This week there’s some misandry and penises to cheer you up. Ladies love misandry and penises! (Trigger warnings for just about everything apply.)

Ohio is considering a ban on abortions as soon as the heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks after first day of the last menstrual period. Many women may not realize they’re even pregnant at that point, or may not have been able to get an appointment with their OB/GYN yet, so it effectively outlaws almost all abortions. The Duggar family showed up at the press conference to announce the re-introduction of the bill, because we should all take reproductive advice from a family with 19 fucking kids.

More than 650,000 state employees in Georgia will be denied abortion coverage except in cases where the life of the mother is in danger after the Department of Community Health voted to remove it from state insurance plans. The state legislature was unable to pass a similar ban, but the state board was able to institute the new rules on its own.

Wisconsin’s new law requiring abortion clinics to be affiliated with local hospitals means Catholic hospitals may have to grant admitting privileges to doctors who perform abortions, since federal law prohibits hospitals from denying privileges to doctors based on their stance on abortions. Oops, and LMAO.

In the best bit of circuitous logic of the week, anti-choice activists in Wichita, Kansas, want the property that houses an abortion clinic on the site of George Tiller’s former  clinic to be rezoned because it’s a magnet for gun violence. You know, like the time someone shot Dr. Tiller there. And because they worry that other activists might shoot clinic employees for doing their jobs. But it’s rude to ask protesters if they’re carrying. It’s totally the clinic’s fault for existing. Sure.

34 states funnel money to crisis pregnancy centers, many of which either lie about the risks of abortion or flat-out refuse to discuss it as an option. Is yours one of them?

Map of the US titled "States that support CPC lies to women," with 34 states shaded in.
Map courtesy NARAL Pro-Choice America

Missouri state Rep. Paul Weiland is suing to have contraceptive coverage removed from his family’s insurance plan. Because he think they induce abortions and therefore he would be a hypocrite if he (cough, his wife and daughters, cough) got a discount on them. Dumbass.

Last week the police department in Norfolk, Virginia changed their policy regarding rape accusations and will no longer assume that all victims are lying about their assaults. What a novel fucking idea, assholes.

U.S. Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld is starting a program called “Project Future” that, among other things, will teach teen boys not to post evidence that they raped people on social media, because then they’ll totally get caught and their lives will be ruined and wouldn’t that be a shame?? How about we just tell people not to fucking rape other people?!?!

Skeptical satirist Brian Dalton, a.k.a. Mr. Deity, somehow turned a rant about the Gospels into insinuations that no anonymous reports should ever be believed because they’re just gossip and by the way, how hard is it to say no when someone offers you a drink? Have some backbone and a sense of personal responsibility! While he doesn’t specifically link these asides to rape allegations, he simultaneously disbelieves and blames victims.

Arkansas Senate candidate and current congressman Tom Cotton wrote a column in the Harvard Crimson in 1997 that said women should fight the forces of feminism and oppose no-fault divorce legislation in favor of covenant marriages that make divorces much more difficult to obtain, because his “research” shows that a woman’s greatest fear is that she’ll be left by her man.

North Carolina superintendent of public instruction June Atkinson told reporters that she thinks public and private schools should be subject to the same testing, so the state’s Republican House Majority Leader, Paul “Skip” Stam, told her that “She should stick to her own knitting.” Which is a sexist comment, obviously, and misses the point that it’s her job to help make education policy!

Oh goody, we’ve got some racism up in our misogyny!

  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]A Pentagon security training test tells users that if you’re a young woman who’s broke, critical of U.S. foreign policy, and who visits family in India twice a year, you’re a high risk individual! Because you might be meeting with terrorists or spies or some shit.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Russell Simmon’s YouTube channel posted a “comedy” video purporting that Harriet Tubman had sex with her white master so she could get away with running the Underground Railroad. Oh hell no.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]The hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen took off on Twitter earlier this week as a response to Hugo Schwyzer’s harassment of WoC who criticized him. Of course, you’d never know that to read Jezebel’s coverage, but the comments were (mostly) pretty awesome.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]#BlackPowerIsForBlackMen also trended this week, as WoC tweeted about the ways they are oppressed by male privilege in the black community.

When Xavier Damman, the CEO of Storify, was notified that someone was using the social media site to stalk women, he not only he refused to ban the user or change the TOS to address future stalkers, he also suggested that the women unsubscribe from the site’s notifications, rendering it more or less useless, and then tagged the user in question, alerting him to the conversation. Which then meant he started stalking more women who had been involved in the conversation. And Damman didn’t understand why the women in question were upset with him?

Bryan Goldberg of The Bleacher Report announced this week that he’s raised $6.5 million to start a new feminist website, Bustle,  that’ll cover makeup and politics, because women have diverse interests and NO ONE ELSE ON THE FUCKING INTERNET EVER THOUGHT OF THAT. Ahem. The press release was basically a case study in how to alienate your audience, so good luck, bro. He later apologized.

Even women who’ve reached the highest management positions at Fortune 500 companies earn on average 18% less than their male peers. (And the headline is kinda fucked up to say these women “settle for less,” as if they’re to blame for being offered less in the first place and for their relative scarcity.)

Men who ask their bosses for flex time are more likely to be approved than women. Bosses apparently think women are less likely to actually work from home if they’re taking care of their kids (but men totally will), and even women who ask for flexible scheduling to pursue opportunities to enhance their career are less likely than men asking the same to actually get the time off that they need. Grrr.

Lean In encourages women to strive for equal pay in the workplace, so why the hell is their editor-in-chief looking for an unpaid intern to do a job that sounds an awful lot like, you know, a job that someone would usually be paid for?

A new study (and I use that term loosely) claims that women like designer handbags because they signal to other women that they need to stay away from their man, because he loves them and buys them nice things. Even single women! Everything we do and like is about teh menz, dontcha know?

Danielle Steele has written 130 books and yet people still ask her if she’s still doing that writing thing. She’s not the only romance writer to be not taken seriously no matter who successful she is; plenty of romance writers have been asked, “When are you going to write a real book?”

Someone actually did a study and came to the conclusion that Fifty Shades of Grey perpetuates violence against women and depicts an abusive relationship. No shit, Sherlock.

Mark Millar thinks it’s totally not a big deal that so many female characters in comic books get raped. It’s just an easy way to show what a bad guy a villain is!

Hollywood has figured out that if they put a lingerie-clad woman in a movie trailer, people will pick that frame as the YouTube thumbnail and then it’ll get more views. Oy.

Recommended reading

  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Do men really need their own versions of diet sodas (or cell phones, or soap) with Ã¼ber-masculine advertising campaigns? Apparently so, because we have cooties.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]This is an awesome list of euphemisms for male and female genitalia going back to the 13th and 14th centuries.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Reel Girl is sick to death of the sexism in children’s movies, most recently in PlanesTurbo, and Monsters University.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Someone actually figured out the average daily caloric intake of Lorelai and Rory on Gilmore Girls, and it’s completely absurd. It’s funny when skinny girls eat a ridiculous amount of food (without exercising, for the most part) and never gain weight!
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]A campaign is under way in the UK in which teen girls who are being taken abroad for an arranged marriage against their will are urged to hide a spoon in their underwear. When the metal detector goes off, they’re escorted to a private area to be searched and thus have an opportunity to ask for help and be escorted safely out of the airport if necessary.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Many misogynistic beliefs conservatives have about the evils of women literally come from the Dark Ages.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Women’s bathing suits tend to cost much more than men’s do, even if they use far less fabric, but the reasons for this aren’t (entirely) sexist.
  • [icon name=”icon-asterisk”]Rebecca Jane Stokes got sick of the uninspiring, ungrammatical, negging, and explicit messages that men sent to her OKCupid profile, so she decided to see what would happen if she did the same thing back to men. The results were predictable and alternately hilarious and infuriating.

Finally, some funny shit to lighten the mood!

Pacu, a relative of the piranha also known as “ball cutters” for their propensity to bite naked men’s testicles off, have been spotted off the coast of Sweden. Misandry!

HBO needs to show us more dongs. NSFW but brilliant!

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Ok. I have a loooot of side eye for that Addicting Info article on the Dark Ages attitudes toward women. It’s putting forward the idea that those attitudes were part of dark ages Christianity, when in fact the bulk of that thinking is form Greek scientists and philosophers. Also it conflates the Dark Ages with the Middle Ages. I… I have a lot of feels about that. Early in the article it says that learning was discouraged in the Dark Ages which is just… No. Charlemagne opened public schools for chrissake. The Church was not discouraging science, they were keeping science alive at that point. They were the only ones who had a stable enough group structure to have enough time to deal with science because they didn’t have to spend all their time working at not being dead. The problem is the science they were keeping alive was the science of the Greeks that said dumb shit like vaginas will go wandering around the body and need to be lured back in with perfume and other silliness.

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