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This Weekend Open Thread is the New Black

I just finished watching the first season of Orange is the New Black, and I’m about to start reading the book.

Anyone want to talk about it?

Orange is the New Black Gif: Taco Night

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I pulled a muscle (not badly, but enough that it hurt) late last week, so I have been on orders to be lazy and not exacerbate things. AND, the fun part, was it’s in my lower abdomen, so the doctors wanted to rule out injured or infected organs (especially in terms of a bladder infection, appendicitis, or a burst, draining ovarian cyst). Which means I didn’t do one of my “assignments” for CBT, which was to find and visit a doggy park (I found the nearest — it’s a half-hour/two-mile walk, which will be good for a weekend when I *don’t* have a pulled muscle).

I have a new roommate, and she’s NICE and organized and keeps up with her dishes and is reasonably quiet (she has visitors often but they tend to hang out more in her room and I can never hear conversations). AND she brought a TV for the living room, so I can sit and watch HGTV or things, especially during the day over the weekend when it’s bloody hot.

Wow! It’s be far too long since I’ve been on here and everything is looking so shiny and lovely! :D

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Orange Is The New Black and I think I’m definitely going to check it out ASAP. If there’s a book I’ll be all over it!

It’s my birthday! My parents bought me a cake at the grocery store I used to work at and the decorator added a message to me in the corner! It was super cute.

Also, I have started listening to Welcome to Night Vale and it is amazing. Thank you tumblr for bringing it to my attention. This may have led to me doodling Old Woman Josie and an angel on the steno pad I use to take notes on at work durring a very slow afternoon.

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