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This Weekend Open Thread Loves New York

Sure, last weekend I watched a guy step between subway cars to take a leak, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I love the activity, the action, the diversity. This isn’t an easy place to live, but I love it. And no, we’re no as rude as everyone thinks we are. We just don’t have time for your nonsense.

Tell me, my loves, what’s great about your town?

By [E] Liza

PhD student. Knitter. Brooklynite. Long-distance dog mom. Reluctant cat lady. Majestic unicorn whose hair changes color with the wind.

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Y’all. I just got back from a week-long kayaking trip in Washington DC on the Potomac. It was AMAZING. It was put on by a non-profit for young adult cancer survivors and damn – can I just say we throw down hard? Cause yeah. We killed the river for four days and bonded for six. Not nearly as happy to be home as I usually am after vacation. I want to go again! Next time? I think I’ll go with rock climbing!


It has been crankiness week at work (not me cranky, EVERYONE I WORK WITH cranky). Sure, the last few weeks have been exceptionally hectic — we’ve had tax-free weekend AND move-in weekend AND lots of people ordering their textbooks and computers and either picking those up or having them shipped AND we’re getting tons of textbooks and merchandise that need to be available NAO, and a lot of people have been on full-weeks-plus-partial-weekends and are just damn TIRED. And cranky. But it’s the weekend and it’s time for certain people named ME to knit and watch movies/tv shows on netflix and not wear pants.

And I am gauging for a new coffee-mug-sleeve and watching LOST. And having one last cup of coffee for the day.

I’m in New Orleans and I love it.

The food is fantastic, I can order a Pineapple Amaretto Daiquiri and drive away with it, and when I leave work on the weekend I often hear live jazz music being played.

It’s hotter than hell, and I could live without the giant cockroaches, but the food and the people more than make up for it.

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