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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread!

Welcome to Thursday! The week is almost over!

I’ve had this song going through my head all evening. It may be linked to feeling like a badass after throwing around more weight than I thought I could at the gym. I know the song is about getting over a breakup, but whatevs, I do what I want. I may have been changing the lyrics in my head. 

How is everyone’s week going? Let’s dish and shimmy!

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Part-time artist, full-time crankypants who dabbles in knitting, running, and burpees.

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Day lag here, too. And FWIW, the ONLY reason I know that today is Friday and not Thursday is because I did Zumba at noon today, and there’s no noon class on Thursday’s. But I was seriously confused there for a minute.

(I’m on summer break, I routinely lose track of what day of the week it is.)

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