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UfYH Cleaning Basics Checklists

A number of people have asked for bare bones schedules for what should be cleaned and when. Please keep in mind that these lists are in no way meant to be comprehensive, and that your needs will vary as far as tasks and frequency. This is meant as a starting point to forming good routines to keep on top of the mess.

UfYH Daily/Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Click here to download the UfYH daily/weekly checklist as a .pdf

UfYH Monthly/Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Click here to download the UfYH monthly/seasonal checklist as a .pdf


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5 replies on “UfYH Cleaning Basics Checklists”

I’ve been in a blue funk for a while and didn’t know why. And the house follows the mood. Ick! Then your lists turned up and they are posted on the ice box (fridge or refrigerator for those of you unfamiliar with ‘ice box’.)

Every morning, I get up cheerfully doing the items on the list and filling the check boxes with a lovely red pen. And feel as proud of myself as a little kid getting stars. And I’m feeling better again. Coincidence? Maybe. But I prefer to believe in the wonderousness of Persephone Magazine!

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