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Useful Pictures for Facebook Comments that Please You

We’ve already covered some fun pictures to use when people on Facebook are annoying, but what about when one of your friends posts something awesome? I can help you out there too! And several options involve David Tennant. Oh, yeah.

Feeling concise? Variations on “THIS” are always fun! (And apparently The Doctor’s proclivity for pointing upwards stays with him through regenerations.)

Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor, pointing upwards, captioned "THIS"

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, pointing upwards, captioned "THIS"

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, pointing upwards, captioned "THIS"

Morgan Freeman pointing upwards, captioned "This"

Queen Elizabeth II pointing upwards, captioned "This."

The pope cat is a classic version of “Bless this post,” but it’s not the only option.

A white cat in a pope hat, captioned "Bless this post"

Cat using a scratching post, captioned "I approve of this post"

David Tennant, smiling, captioned "David Tennant likes that post"

Blissful seal poking its head out of the water, captioned "Seal of approval"

If you’re happy and you know it, try one of these pics!

Frog that appears to be smiling, captioned "This pleases me."

Snake that appears to be smiling, captionec "I am happy to learn of this!"

Bender from Futurama, holding a sign that says "Applause"

You can even show some love!

Close-up of David Tennant's lovely face, captioned "Just stand there 'cause I'm gonna hug you, is that all right?"

Calico kitten with a large heart-shaped spot on its side
What are your favorite approval pictures?

By [E] Hillary

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