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We Try It: Amazon Subscribe & Save

Around my house, we go through a lot of consumables each week. Four people use a lot of toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste and the like. After running out of toilet paper one too many times late at night, I decided I was going to fix the problem once and for all. I finally started getting household supplies via Amazon Subscribe & Save.

I used to get some pantry items via Subscribe and Save years ago, but eventually stopped. In essence, the program hasn’t changed, only broadened in selection. The best part about the program though, is the the discount tiers. The more you order via subscription, the more you save. Order 1-4 items in the same order and save 5% on the whole order, order 5 or more, and save 15%. 

I am not an extreme-coupon proponent, but I love a good deal. If Amazon can offer toilet paper for the same price at the store, and then offer an additional 15% discount AND ship it to my house, then Amazon wins.  It’s important to note that there’s no commitment – you can order five items as a subscription, cancel the next order and pick out five new things (or order nothing at all). I’m working out buying the following items on a rotating basis, so that every other month we spend about $50 on non-grocery things we need.

Are you a fan of the Subscribe & Save program? What kind of things are you always running out of?


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I use Subscribe & Save for my chewable vitamins – they’re so expensive, and come in smaller containers in the store. I haven’t started it for anything else, though, although I’m always thinking about it – especially the cat products. TP might not be such a bad idea. Boyfriend and I always joke about how embarrassing it is when we buy TP, because that means all the people we pass on the street now know that we poop.

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