Weekly Anime Review

This week we get really nice action in all three shows. The Majestic Prince gets an amazing mecha fight against one of the Walguru Commanders. The Recon Legion in Shingeki no Koijin gets beat down by a really smart Titan. And the Yamato is super lucky against the bulk of the Gallimas army.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, Ep 18

This is episode 18 and we got awesome mecha porn! Really nice fight there, Team Rabbit. Also, poor ASHMB, they were so trashed in the end.

Rose 3 was even destroyed, only the core remains. I also liked Asagi quite a bit, I actually think he’s a better fighter than Izuru. They defeated Klein and were chewed out for all the destruction it caused by their boss. You can’t win them all.

We also learned that Lumes sent a message to Daneel for Teoria through the Earth transmission. I wonder how this will change the “game.” The Walguru are also suffering from internal problems. Seems like Jiart is trying to replace his brother and Rada found out, but he was framed and killed.

Singeki no Koijin, Ep 18

The female Titan pretty much obliterated the right side and Erwin decided to go in the forest of Very Tall Trees. I know the name of the place isn’t special, but it really does have very tall trees in it. Perfect for ambushes.

Happy meal face!
Happy meal face!

The formation split, too. All the people in the middle go through, but the side groups stay around the forest to keep Titans out. They don’t even have to fight, because those Titans don’t know how to climb trees.

While this is happening, Eren is going inside the forest with his team”¦ and the female Titan finally catches up to him. Armin suspects that the commander wants to capture the Titan, so he created a trap for it. I guess we will find out next week. I’m missing Mikasa, though; we need more of her. Too much Armin lately and not enough badass.

Space Ship Yamato 2199, Ep 18

This is episode should be called “How the Yamato defeated 10k Gallimas ships.” They send a recon through the gate repaired last week and he ends up in a gathering of the Gallimas military. He barely makes it out alive.

Captain Otika decides to go through, despite the number of ships in the area. The plan is simple: rush through, hope the enemy ships suck at aiming and make it to the Magellan Cloud gate. Seems like Balun is actually a reactor to power the gates in the areas. So once they get near the other gate, the Yamato use the Motion Wave Gun to destroy Balun, trapping the ships in the area and destroying plenty of them.

The little greens dots are ships
The little greens dots are ships

They were lucky that gathering happened, because the guy who planned Desler assassination was trying to attempt a coup… but Desler isn’t dead and the Gallimas got distracted while the Yamato was ripping them apart. With Desler alive, I wonder what will happen next. The preview shows Domel hunting down the Yamato again, but what happened to his wife?

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