Weekly Anime Review

More main characters die in Majestic Prince, which suggests this show is really going toward its ending. Yamato moves to a new arc episode, placing pieces on the chessboard for the home stretch. And Shingeki no Kyojin is a mix of exposition and drama while galloping at full speed in a forest with very large trees. Once again, each shows brought interesting character dynamics. Though I must say, Majestic Prince had the weakest development.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 19

So the Earthlings decide to destroy the Wulgaru’s gate, but first they have to find it. Team Dobermann is sent over to make that discovery. We also get, once more, lots of death flag, porn watching and Randy trying to be a hero.

To balance last week’s enemy death, both Patrick and Randy die. RIP. They were killed by the female Walguru commander, who has an awesome mech. She also likes her fighting beautiful so it can exit her DNA (she’s weird). Chandra makes it out alive with the gate coordinates.

The gate is important because that is from where the Wulgaru are getting their supplies, and it appears that Simons stashed some on Earth for Theoria.

Izuru is still checking weird to the check up, so it looks like it’s going to be the theme of next week episode, too. The kids didn’t do much this week.

Singeki no Koijin ep 19

Eren is an idiot. Dude, you’re bait to catch other intelligent Titans. He’s a real idiot. I’m starting to like Levi. He’s an ass, but he knows how to make a speech. Eren has the choice to trust in his team or trust his power. He seems conflicted on the matter.

So Eren has issues transforming, and he also scared the shit out of Captain Levi’s team. He bit his hands and they were not healing until something randomly happened and caused a bunch of skin and bones to show up. It was weird-looking, but Hanji was super happy about it.  Looks like he needs a goal to transform.

They capture the Lady Titan, and with that the episode ended.

Space Ship Yamato ep 19

There was so much frowning in this episode.

So Lord Desler freed Domel and gave him the task to take down the Yamato and capture the Iscandarian aboard. In exchange, he promises to reduce his wife’s sentence for her betrayal to Gallimas. That sounds a lot like blackmail.

Domel is giving a bunch of old ships, old men, and young people. Most of the fleet is still trapped in Balun anyway. The fight is going to happen in something that both sides have nicknamed the Rainbow Cluster. It’s called that because it’s composed of seven stars that cause major electromagnetic storms and other annoying things. Everyone launched fighters, but the episode ends before we get any actual fights.

We got a bit of Melda, you know the Gallimas pilot fighter who ended up in the Yamato. She was approached by two guys, but we don’t know much about them. I suspect she’s going to be stuck in the political instability of the Empire. Desler seems to want to destroy his own empire, too.

The next episode should have awesome fighting.

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