Weekly Anime Review

This week, we enjoyed pretty space (well, air) and battles. The Yamato got in a crazy battle where a lot of stuff happened. This was quite the contrast with Majestic Prince and Shingeki, where there was no battle, but a lot of exposition. Also, drama… drama everywhere, but that’s normal since we are just four episodes away from the end of the season.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 20

Chandra jettisoned his teammates’ stuff into outer space. *Sniff* Goodbye, Dobermans. He did keep the porn videos and Patrick’s gift to Tamaki, though. You know, the important stuff. This episode was full of surprises. Like big drama, surprise. Patrick had prickles guts for Tamaki, she wolfed it down, then she had a heart-to-heart with Kei. I wonder if he liked her, and she never noticed.

Amane wanted to attack the Wulgaru’s Gate as soon as possible. I’m guessing this is final battle material. Amane has brains, so she’s not going to reveal her plan to the world, but she did tell them about the gate. She had to be a bit forceful, which meant Theoria showing up in a Wulgura mecha, which has the same shape as Kei’s purple one.

Izuru also had health issues: his telomeres are shrinking. They’re clones, so that’s “normal.” The real shock, though, was learning that Izuru and Asagi are genetic brothers. They have the same “father,” Simon. Izuru’s mom is Theoria, which means I was right!

Going by looks, Kei is Rin-rin’s daughter (same hair and eye color). It also matches the Wulgaru Lume, though. The kids also have Wulgaru’s DNA, not just Izuru, this is what allows them to use the ASHMB.

This episode also had a few hints that Asagi likes Kei, so we aren’t free of a love triangle!

Singeki no Koijin ep 20

So everyone spent the episode wondering what is going on, except for Levi and Erwin. We got a lot of exposition about the Commander and how he doesn’t trust anyone because five years ago, a bunch of human-titans might have made it through. Viva la paranoia!

Armin got a strange idea. Basically, he believes that only people who can shed their humanity can bring change to humanity. We got pics of Erwin and Pixi while he said that. Scary thought, Armin.

Levi trying to boss a Titan
Levi trying to boss a Titan

Levi was insulting and tried to scare up the lady Titan. Levi was sort of creepy. She got sort of pissed off and started to scream. The end result was lots and lots of Titans going into the forest, ignoring everyone. They were all running for a snack. Sacha was scared, so Mikasa thought something was wrong.

Might I add that Mikasa knew that Eren was center rear? That is interesting because she even guessed that Armin guessed about it.

Oh and the female Titan is brilliant. She has 3D-gear and a Recon Legion uniform. Now she’s flying around going after Eren. She’s quite brilliant.

Space Ship Yamato ep 20

What an awesome episode! The fighting was more like air-carriers and planes than “space battle.”  Although, Domel NoooooooooOOO! You just made your wife a widow. I liked him.

It was not really a victory for the Yamato, though. The Gamillas kidnapped Yuki because they though she was Yushira. Somebody is going to have a surprise next week. The Yamato sustained lots of damage and lost many crew members.

Kodai is totally pissed off about the Yuki kidnapping, might I add. I suspect he’s going to do something stupid soon.

Goodbye pretty ships
Goodbye pretty ships

Also, Yurisha finally woke up. She was traumatized when the Gamillas shot people while she was in Mikasa and it kick-started her recovery. She looks exactly like Yuki, but with lighter hair and different eye color.

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