Book Review: The Dimple of Doom by Lucy Woodhull

Contemporary romance is highly underrated. Not that I don’t love swashbuckling and bodice-ripping (also, “swashbuckling” is really fun to say. Try it: SWASHBUCKLING! Yeah!), but more often I want to read about ladies and gents in the here and now. While the first romance I read was historical, it was Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me that made me a convert.

So when Lucy Woodhull (also known as PMag’s very own Miss Worded) offered me an advance copy of her latest, The Dimple of Doom, I cartwheeled at the opportunity. Also, I’d never read her books. (I know, I’m a bad, bad girl.)

Cover of "The Dimple of Doom" by Lucy Woodhull

The lowdown: Samantha Lytton is a failed actress turned office drone at the Steak on a Stick corporation in L.A. All she wants for Christmas is to kiss hunky accounting temp Sam at the the company party. She gets her wish (and then some), but a steamy makeout soon leads to a shootout — and Samantha’s on the run with Sam (which may or may not be his real name) and a stolen piece of art.

Woodhull’s breezy, chatty writing style immediately endeared me to sweet, savvy Samantha (though I could have done without a few of the junk food descriptions). Also, Sam/Nate/whatever his name is? Smoking hot. I’d go on the run with him too, though unlike Samantha I’d probably leave my bunny slippers at home. There’s never a dull moment in The Dimple of Doom, and even when the stakes are at their highest, it’s got a screwball comedy vibe I love. Also, Woodhull knows her way around a sex scene — I definitely fanned myself more than once.

Dimple‘s a fast and fun romp. I hesitate to use the ubiquitous term “beach read,” because it’s also great for an airplane, a road trip (unless you’re driving) or the end of a long week spent staring at a computer screen. I can’t wait to see what colorful messes Samantha and Sam/Nate/whoever get into next.

For more information and e-book links, visit Lucy’s website.

By The Unprofessional Critic

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