Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

What did you read this week?

Here’s a great read: 9/11 and communities of color. Racialicious 

Even if you “don’t see race,” race still matters. Everyday Feminism

How I Met Your Mother: progressive in its protrayal of women or more traditional? The F Word

Really? A seven-year-old girl was sent home because of her hair, which was in dreadlocks. Not surprisingly, the girl is black. And a straight A student. Hello Giggles

The CW might have a show that centers around a trans character. Pajiba

Want to control your  boyfriend’s mind? The Hairpin

On The Talk, Julie Chen revealed that she had surgery to make her eyes look less Chinese. XXFactor

And now, a kitten:

Gif of a kitten falling asleep after getting its nose touched

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In the UK, ‘debate’ is kicking off about whether to ban the wearing of niqab in certain places/circumstances. Sigh. Don’t do a France, UK!

This post is a must-read:

“how would a ban on veils be enforceable on the grounds that some women might have been pressured into wearing them? What are the logistics of deciding who has been forced to wear a veil and who is wearing it freely? How invasive would teachers and state officials get in trying to identify “victims”?

Yet these voices – of the women who are directly affected – remain largely absent. What’s horribly familiar is the idea that Muslim women wearing the veil should be thankful for what Wollaston describes as a “feminist wake-up call”. ”

Here’s a kitten just in case

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