End Of The Week News: The End

Welcome back, kittens, welcome back. I have a bit of news: my days of broadcasting your Friday newscap are coming to a close, but huzzah! No fear, the news shall be continued on, better and brighter days ahead. No tears now, let’s just rejoice with another roundabout recap of all the news that proves that everything is absolutely rational and you just might need to put your big girl pants on. This week’s news is sure to make even the most glittering and glamoring turn hastily sour, provoking dry heaves, dreads, and a whole lotta slip-sliding in between. Join me on this last dance?

Secretary of State John Kerry and a team of American arms control experts arrived Thursday to begin talks with their Russian counterparts on a plan to secure and dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons, as Syria’s top leader publicly agreed to the plan for the first time and took the first steps toward joining the international treaty that bans them. American officials said they were planning a series of early tests to determine if the Russian government, and, more important, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, were serious about accepting international control of Syria’s huge chemical arsenal. (New York Times)

News, food. News, food. Food. Always food.

A young man from Alabama who traveled to Somalia and became an infamous Islamist militant, commanding guerrilla forces and earning a $5 million American bounty on his head, was believed to have been killed by his former extremist allies on Thursday, according to news reports and Islamist Web sites. (New York Times)

Flash flooding caused by torrential downpours in Colorado has killed at least three people and forced hundreds to flee to higher ground as rising water caused buildings to collapse and stranded cars, officials said on Thursday. Heavy rains fell in Colorado’s biggest urban areas, stretching 130 miles along the eastern slopes of the Rockies from Fort Collins near the Wyoming border south through Denver and Colorado Springs. (Reuters)

Al Jazeera is to take legal action against Egypt’s military-backed government over what the media network says is a “sustained campaign of harassment and intimidation” against its journalists in the country. The Qatar-based network says that since deposed President Mohammed Morsi was overthrown in July, a large number of its journalists have been arrested and detained, either without charge or on what it calls politically-motivated charges.  Al Jazeera’s offices have been raided and closed, equipment confiscated, correspondents deported and its transmission jammed by signals coming from military installations. (Al Jazeera)

The Dutch government has formally apologized for the mass killing of Indonesians during colonial occupation which ended in 1949. The Dutch ambassador in Indonesia, Tjeerd de Zwaan, officially presented the state’s apology at ceremony in Jakarta on Thursday. “On behalf of the Dutch government I apologize for these excesses,” De Zwaan said. The Netherlands had already apologized and paid compensation in certain specific cases, but this was the first general apology for atrocities carried out during the colonial era. (Al Jazeera)

Well, that wraps up another rip-roaring good time of all the news. But remember, when the dark looks darkest, just remember that we are all in this together and we’ve all got to work this thing out. Or set it on fire.

Adieu, adieu. The final adieu.

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