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Lunchtime Poll 9/23/13: What Zeitgeists Have You Missed?

It’s premiere week on network television, which got me thinking. 

I’m usually the last of my friends to watch a great show or read a great book or see a great movie. I do plenty of reading and watching, but I’m not always up-to-date on my pop culture addictions. With some of the things I’ve missed so far, like Breaking Bad, I think I might still catch up on without being an anachronism. Others, however, (sorry, Buffy) I think may be so far past their time in the sun, catching up is only going to make me feel old.

What pop culture zeitgeists have completely passed you by?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

8 replies on “Lunchtime Poll 9/23/13: What Zeitgeists Have You Missed?”

I’ve never watched The Sound of Music. Or Titanic. And only half of Dirty Dancing. And I didn’t see the point of Pretty Woman. I’m really not much of a movie person…

Oh, and I tried watching Doctor Who on two occasions and just found it beyond silly.

I also haven’t really seen Breaking Bad. I’ve also just decided to rectify this, by marathoning the show this week. I’m hoping to catch up to the internet by Sunday.

I also didn’t watch Angel until like 2 years ago (which is more cult-favorite).

One day, I plan to watch The Wire and Six Feet Under

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