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Lunchtime Poll: Fall Sports

Sadly, summer has passed us by. No longer must I slather on SPF 6.02214129(27)×1023 mol−1 to go on my Unicorn hunts. The watching kind of hunts, not the bang bang kill kind of hunts. Though I mourn summer’s passing, the onset of fall brings two amazing things that I love. One, my birthday aka a future national holiday, is October 21st. Two, it’s fall sports season. In America, that means football. Whether it be college, pro, or the real football (soccer), the meat of the season starts in September. It also means that hockey is just a few weeks away from starting.

I am a sucker for fall sports watching. Growing up, I was really big into American football of both the college and professional variety. Since I have matured, I have begun to like soccer (football) better. Hockey has also always been a constant in my life as I played it growing up. I love rooting for my favorite teams and against their hated rivals. For me, this means I cheer on the Tottenham Hotspur, Montana Grizzlies, Minnesota Vikings, and Colorado Avalanche. I also love to hate on Arsenal FC and the Detroit Red Wings (Ed. note: The copyeditor for this post is from Detroit. Them’s fightin’ words.)

What about you, my dear Unicorns? Do you like fall sports season? Do you cheer for a particular team? Hopefully it’s not Arsenal. That might mean we have to break up our friendship! Happy Fall everyone!

By Alyson

Queer Pop Culture Junkie in the Northwest. Addicted to Coffee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fantasy Sports, The Mountain Goats, and Tottenham Hotspur.

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I don’t really care for sports in general, but…football season is crockpot season! Chili, spaghetti, maybe husband’s awesome lasagna (from a Marcella Hazan cookbook, takes all friggin’ day but totes worth it). The only minor problem is that we live on the west coast, which means 10 am kickoffs. Can’t have chili at 10 am, it’s just weird. Plus, we’re usually out of the house at that time anyway. So we have to record the game and try to avoid overhearing the score.

Also, my dad is a die-hard NY Rangers fan, so I’m a NJ Devils fan. Sometimes, when they’re playing each other and the Devils score, I like to call my dad and yell “SCOOOOORRRRRREEEEE!” just to annoy him. Cause I’m a good daughter like that :)

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