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Lunchtime Poll: Fall TV Shows

With school starting and Labor Day weekend already gone by, it can mean only one glorious thing. The fall TV season is coming. Before, fall TV season used to be a much more anticipated event than it is now. With shows like Breaking Bad having summer runs, networks no longer put up crap in the summer and their “real” shows during the fall and spring. That being said, the big four networks are still maintaining a mostly traditional schedule by running new shows in the fall. Some spectacular shows have debuted in the traditional network schedule over the last few years, like everyone’s favorite show about local government bureaucrats, Parks and Recreation.

As an avid TV watcher, I cannot wait for two shows this fall to debut. Of course, Agents of SHIELD is the most anticipated for me. Joss Whedon is God after all. I am also strangely curious about Almost Human, the buddy cop show from the JJ Abrams factory. I am a sucker for procedurals and one with a robot as a partner sounds like it was made for me directly. Karl Urban is an underrated actor so I look forward to him interacting with his robot partner every week. It might be a trainwreck and terrible, but I will definitely be watching.

Of course, for returning shows that I will be watching, Parks is always the first on the list. Leslie Knope is just so damn awesome. I want to give a big shout out to the P-Mag verse for getting my wife and I sucked into Scandal. Thanks a lot! (Sarcasm.) Shonda Rhimes always seems to hook me in.

So Unicorns, what are you looking forward to this fall on TV?  I hope you all answer Agents of SHIELD because that is the only right answer anyway. Are you excited for the return of some of your favorite shows? Is there a show that I should be watching?

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I’m looking forward to Trophy Wife, because Sarah Haskins (Target: WOMAN) is behind it, and it has a cast full of people I love. The title is kind of terrible, but I’m going to give it a shot.

I’m also going to watch Mom, but only because of Allison Janney and Anna Farris, not for the plot description.

For my regular shows, SCANDAL. ALL THE SCANDAL. Plus I’m really looking forward to the return of The Good Wife and Elementary.

Trophy Wife looks like so much fun, but they gave Bradley Whitford terrible hair in it. I’m also looking forward to checking out The Goldbergs, Agents of Shield, and the one with Maggie Lawson coaching LIttle League because I <3 her. I think my only returning shows are Castle, Parenthood, and Grey’s Anatomy.

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