Midweek News: We’ve Been Here Before

Do you ever feel like the news just keeps repeating itself? I mean, if it bleeds, it leads, but I’m beginning to notice a pattern of something a little deeper here. Let’s see if you see the same thing.

Today in news that, anecdotally, appears to be happening more often: a former Navy reservist killed 12 people in a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday. New York Times

While the Great Recession has (allegedly) ended, poverty hasn’t improved, with 15% of Americans living at or below the poverty line. The article notes that the poverty rate may actually be higher due to the fact that the poverty numbers do not account for different costs of living and medical expenses. CNN

Here’s a word I didn’t know before today: parbuckle. It’s a salvage term that refers to righting a sunken vessel by applying leverage to rotate the vessel into an upright position. That’s what happened to the Costa Concordia. It’s kind of cool! Los Angeles Times

Brazil’s president has called off a visit to Washington next month over allegations that the NSA has been spying. BBC

A UN report cites unspeakable atrocities in North Korea. Al Jazeera

With Lawrence H. Summers out, Janet Yellen is the new top choice to head the Federal Reserve. New York TimesĀ 

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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before.

By [E] Sally Lawton

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