Midweek News: Why Is It Still So Hot?

No, really. Why? I feel like these 90 degree days in September are worth some discussion. No, you say? Fine. On with the news!

So, first Obama was like, “We’re going to attack Syria!” And then Putin was all, “Maybe if they turned over their weapons?” And now Obama’s like, “Maaaayyyyybe?” New York Times¬†And then he gave a speech about it.

Wow. The Dow Jones Industrial has dumped three companies from its list of blue-chip stocks. The companies that just got dumped? Alcoa, Bank of America, and Hewlett-Packard. Taking their place will be Goldman Sachs, Visa, and Nike. Los Angeles Times

All four men accused of a gang rape in Delhi have been found guilty. They are likely to face the death sentence. The Guardian

Well, that escalated quickly: A woman pushed her new husband off a cliff after an argument about whether her feelings had changed. They were newlyweds. The Guardian

Did George Zimmerman threaten his wife with a gun? Slate

And Apple announced new, shiny things. New York Times

By [E] Sally Lawton

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