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New Show Recap: Bones 9.01, “The Secrets in the Proposal”

The world of Bones is not a happy place as we open season nine. In the last episode of S8, Brennan proposed to Booth, who accepted with a happy twinkle in his eye — which lasted until Sooper Evil Baddest Guy Ever Christopher Pelant threatened to kill random people if Booth didn’t break off the engagement. (Note to Hart Hanson: Before you kill off Pelant, please make him shave his head, bite his pinkie and ask for one… million… dollars. Come on, you know you want to!)

The B-Plot

A still image from Bones.
Things look a bit tense, no?

The victim’s body is dismembered in spectacularly gruesome fashion by throwing it into the whirling fan of an industrial size air conditioning unit. I mention that fact only so that I can also tell you that after growing weary of fishing body parts out of the machine the old fashioned way, Hodgins and Daisy affix a parachute to the fan and turn it back on. The resulting spray of blood and person-bits was disgusting and oddly cool, in a spinning-paint-table kind of way. Plus, Hodgins. King of the Lab.

The victim turns out to be a mild-mannered employee of an alternative transportation something or other (really, the case was unimportant and unmemorable), who was neither mild-mannered nor just an alt-trans guy as he was in reality an undercover CIA agent who recruited the pretty redhead in the office for CIA undercover undercover duties. In an ironic twist, that’s what happens to get him killed; his boss has a crush on the pretty redhead, thinks Victim is stringing her along, follows Victim and redhead to a bar, sees redhead dispatched for her undercover undercover work and in a fit of fury, kills the victim with a whip-like bike chain.

Kudos to our dead CIA victim, though, for bringing the very-much-alive CIA agent Danny Beck into the Bones-world, care of the always fabulous Freddie Prinze, Jr. Seriously, TV Gods, why is FPJ not on my screen every week?!? Someone needs to get on that, like right the hell now.

The C-Plot

A still image from Bones.
Danny Beck, CIA Agent. Insert a “Rogue” in there somewhere and we have a new hit series!


Oh, you wanted more? Okay, she high-fived herself. That pretty much says it all.

The A Plot in the B&B

When Booth and Brennan aren’t happy, clearly no one is happy. Just ask BFF of Fury Angela, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell Booth what she thinks of his treatment of Brennan. Or Cam, who first warns Booth that he better get his cold feet warmed up and then explains to Brennan that being miserable = being in love.

And they are definitely miserable. I don’t fangirl over David Boreanaz but the dude can do inner torment like nobody’s business. And Emily Deschanel? Guh. I can’t gush enough over how beautiful she is when she’s showing you with just one look how her fragile heart is breaking. She slays me, every time. How this woman has performed at the top of her game for now 9 seasons without an Emmy is beyond me.

Booth opens the episode by visiting a former priest-turned-bartender and confessing the story of Big Ol’ Meanie Pelant forcing him to end his engagement. Brennan ends the episode by paying a visit to the bar, too, so the defrocked barkeep can remind her of Booth’s habit of noble self-sacrifice. That’s enough to send Brennan home and back into Booth’s arms, where she apologizes for doubting him.

And, before you can flash an oven clock to 447, Booth and Brennan are engaged to be engaged again — which is actually perfect timing since next week’s episode includes the return of Tony and Roxie.

So, did you watch? What did you think?

A still image from Bones.
If more priests looked like this, I might be Catholic.




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