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Hello readers! I’m up in New England this weekend visiting my sister and brother-in-law. I’ve been to Mystic, CT and taken a picture of the sign at that famous pizza place from that one movie (Persephoneers of a certain age will get the reference.) I’ve also eaten some amazing seafood. Anyway, this week’s edition will be some short links although there is some major news out of Pakistan with two major earthquakes hitting in one week so let’s get to it.

(Trigger warnings for rape, abuse, and child trafficking)

As I mentioned, Pakistan was hit with a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday that has killed an estimated 400 people at last count. The earthquake caused three islands to form off the Pakistani coastline on the Arabian Sea. The government of Balochistan, the province hit by the earthquake, has made an appeal to all Baloch separatist groups to bring a halt to attacks in earthquake-affected areas of the province. The attacks are affecting rescue and relief operations. Unfortunately, a second earthquake was reported on Saturday, 30 km away from the previous epicenter.

In other natural disaster news, Southeast Asia has been devastated by floods, particularly in Thailand and Cambodia.

Chinese police rescued 92 children when they busted a human trafficking ring.

The fight for fair wages is being fought in other places in the world besides the US. In Bangladesh, the fifth day of protests forced 100 factories to shut down in Dhaka and the police used rubber bullets and tear gas to break up the protests. The workers are fighting for an increase in wages from $38 a month (the lowest wage in the world) to $100 a month.

The son of a famous Chinese singer was sentenced to 10 years for the gang rape of a young woman, sparking protests that the sentence was too lenient.

Miss Philippines, Megan Young, was crowned Miss World on Saturday in Bali amidst protests from certain Muslim groups.

Here’s a story about World War II “comfort women,” who were kidnapped and sold as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers. Many of the women were Korean, but there were some from other Asian countries.

A three-week standoff between the Filipino military and Muslim rebels has reportedly ended.

Finally in bizarre news, in an extravagant, “fuck you” to the Chinese government, a 200ft bronze pufferfish statue was erected in the city of Yangzhong, even as the new Chinese president is trying to discourage wasteful spending.

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