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Open Thread: 9/11/13

Has it been twelve years already?

I don’t really have anything funny tonight. If you want to reminisce about where you were on 9/11, we’re here to listen. If you want to distract us all with fun stuff, bless you. I’m just hoping to make it through the day without wanting to reach through the Internet and punch somebody.

I’m usually more of a “New York, New York” gal (Sinatra version, because the Liza Minelli version is what they play at the stadium when the Yankees lose), but let’s hang with Jay and Alicia tonight.

By [E] Hillary

Hillary is a giant nerd and former Mathlete. She once read large swaths of "Why Evolution is True" and a geology book aloud to her infant daughter, in the hopes of a) instilling a love of science in her from a very young age and b) boring her to sleep. After escaping the wilds of Waco, Texas and spending the next decade in NYC, she currently lives in upstate New York, where she misses being able to get decent pizza and Chinese takeout delivered to her house. She lost on Jeopardy.

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I was 17 when 9/11 happened, and it (temporarily) disrupted my perception of the world as safe, and of people in general as good and kind. It did send me searching for my beliefs/values, which is good (I wasn’t comfortable with my peer group at the time jumping on the “anyone who looks Muslim is a terrorist, and we should bomb the shit out of all of THEIR countries” bandwagon).

In other news, I missed y’all. The couple of weeks of server-moving and things were no fun.

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