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P-Mag’s Fall Schedule

The new fall TV season is upon us, and TeamCritique is making sure they’re well stocked in watchin’ snacks and batteries for the remote. 

Because we want to talk about TV a LOT this fall, we’re extending our publishing schedule to Saturdays, starting at the end of next week. On Saturdays, we’ll be catching up on all the Thursday shows; sharing a pop culture brunch; showing you a new, unpretentious project you can tackle before you go back to bed on Saturday night; and in the late afternoon, one of our writers will be live blogging a pop culture zeitgeist that’s new to them, but old hat to everyone else. Exciting!

As for the shows we’ll be covering, our recaps/reviews will be running two days after the new episode runs, like last year. This is our (subject to change) list of shows:

I’ll be covering The Good Wife on Tuesdays in two weeks.

Samantha is covering Boardwalk Empire on Tuesdays starting this week.

Crystal and MJ will be covering Bones on Wednesdays starting this week, this will move to Mondays in November.

Slay Belle will be covering The Walking Dead on Wednesdays starting Oct. 13.

Alyson will be covering Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Thursdays starting next week.

Marena will be covering American Horror Story: Coven on Fridays starting next week.

Moretta will cover Scandal (with me as her understudy) on Saturdays starting Oct. 5.

Sally J. will cover Parenthood on Saturdays starting next week.

Natasha will cover Parks & Rec and Community on Saturdays starting week after next.

Stephens will cover Elementary on Saturdays starting next week.

At midseason/in the spring, we’ll pick up The Americans, Game of Thrones, True Blood, and Hannibal.



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