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The “Say Yes to the Dress” Drinking Game

I am not a big fan of wedding shows. I find that they play into a bunch of super annoying stereotypes and traditions that exist in everyday life and are only exacerbated by weddings. But, my mom is a fan of Say Yes to the Dress so I’ve seen many, many episodes of it against my will. Awhile back, I was watching couldn’t help but think it is so cliched and formulaic that there simply must be a drinking game for it. I Googled, but there really isn’t anything good, so I made my own.

A still from "Say Yes to the Dress" featuring Kristin Chenowith.
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Say Yes to the Dress Drinking Game:

Take one drink:

  • When the consultants have a meeting.
  • If the episode has an obvious theme like “fathers” or “curvy brides.”
  • If the bride has pictures from a magazine.
  • If the consultant talks about how difficult it will be to find the right gown on such a tight budget.
  • If the bride refers to her fiance as her “soul mate.”
  • If the bride tries on a gown by Pnina Tourne.
  • Every time someone says “special day,” “princess,” “little girl” or “fairy tale.”
  • If someone says the dress should have that “wow factor.”
  • When Randy swoops in to save the sale.
  • If a bride brings her father (two drinks if the father cries).
  • If a bride brings her fiance (two drinks if he looks bored).
  • If a bride argues with her mother.
  • If the bride brings more than three people with her.
  • If a bride has some kind of sob story.
  • If a bride references dissatisfaction with her own figure (two drinks if she mentions how many pounds she has lost or wants to lose).
  • If the wedding is going to be on a beach.
  • If the consultant brings her a dress more than $500 over her budget (two drinks if she actually buys it).
  • If the bride buys a dress that is sheer/looks like lingerie.
  • Whenever anyone makes a joke about it being harder to pick a dress than a husband.
  • Someone cries.
  • If the bride leaves without buying anything.
  • If the consultant looks really annoyed with the bride.
  • If a bride is buying a second dress because she didn’t like the first one.
  • If the bride brings along someone incredibly overbearing or controlling who dominates the appointment.
  • If the bride falls in love with a dress that’s way out of her price range and her parents buy it for her anyway.

Finish your drink if:

  • Someone buys a $20,000 wedding dress.

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9 replies on “The “Say Yes to the Dress” Drinking Game”

My limited experience with this show is tied to a hungover morning after a friend and fellow Persephoneer’s birthday. I woke at 8 am to the sound of another friend rooting around my apartment for toilet paper, followed by me begrudgingly getting out of bed, walking to CVS in my pjs to get toilet paper, and then drag myself back up 5 flights of stairs.

She was not remotely thankful about it, and was watching this show when I got back. When I asked what the hell the bride on TV was wearing, I got a disdainful look, followed by “It’s a Pnina.” I guess appropriately enough, I associate Pnina Tourne with toilet paper.

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