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This Open Thread is Celebrating!

Before I went on vacation last week, I quit my job. Well, gave my notice, anyway. It was simultaneously the most stressful and liberating experience in recent memory. I still have a few more shifts to finish out my schedule, but I am so psyched about my new job. It’s comparable to what I do now, but I can dress way cuter. And it pays better. And has a carpeted store — seriously, the tile floors at my current store destroy my feet.

TL,DR version: It’s time to celebrate!

Do any of you have something to celebrate this week?

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Congratulations! I gave my notice, too! After 11 years, it is all very strange still. I’m taking a huge pay cut, but following my heart, which I feel very thankful I have the ability to do right now.

Tile floors are sent straight from the depths of hell if you have to stand on them all day. Yeah for carpet!!

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