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This Open Thread Is Learning Something New

Oh, the things that grandmothers say. Mine has always been a big fan of acquiring knowledge. She used to nag us endlessly to sign up for all kinds of courses. And you know what? I can’t help but feeling that I should have joined that Italian exchange program. Maybe laziness wouldn’t win me over so easily these days, and I would actually speak Italian.

So, who’s up for learning something useful? My Teach-Yourself-Polish book is looking at me expectantly; I should really pick it up soon. What are you going to do?

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I just took a crochet class and can now make a chain and single crochet stitches! Hopefully we’ll learn more in the second class this weekend. I also want to learn more embroidery; I can cross-stitch like a boss, but haven’t done much otherwise. I downloaded DuoLingo to brush up on my Spanish, but haven’t been playing with it as much as I should. And I want to learn more computer stuff!

Stack Overflow. Do a search for the bit that’s giving you trouble, then read the threads there to supplement what you’re learning at Code Academy. It fills in a lot of gaps for me.

I don’t know Python, and it’s not one of the languages on my to-learn list, but I’ve gotten a lot of help with javascript and PHP on Stack Overflow, just by lurking. Like I do.

Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, there are forums for all the subjects on code academy.

You can find links to the forums in every lesson. It’s at the bottom left, under the “hint” portion. Most of the time you’ll find the complete answer to the question. Very rarely has the program graded me incorrectly, but that does happen. I’ve also had the wrong answer but still been checked right. Overall I still love Code Academy though.

And yep like Selena said, stack overflow is your friend. You can pretty much google for any question and be guaranteed some stack overflow result.

Also helpful is the Python documentation

I can’t help you with the jazzy stuff, but for music reading, check out . It’s basically flashcards, but note reading is like the multiplication table-repeat, repeat, and repeat again. You can customize it for different clefs and range. And now for the world’s most annoying phrase…the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Any particular jazz piece, or just a jazz piece in general?

I’d like to learn “Night Train” as performed by the Oscar Peterson Trio, and Sir Roland Hanna’s “Century Rag.” The latter seems to my unpracticed ear to be significantly easier. Thanks so much for this site!!!!!! That is exactly what I’m looking for!

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