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This Weekend Open Thread is Puppy-Sitting

This weekend, I get to hang with my favorite girl, Zelda, while my folks are away.

Say hi:

A picture of a red miniature pinscher with a graying snout, who happens to be the cutest dog on the planet.
What are you up to?

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I’m having one of those weird watching-Disney-movies-as-an-adult moments. Juniper Junior and I were watching Peter Pan, and very near the beginning of the film, Tinkerbell sees her hips/bum in a mirror and seems upset with the size, this is then followed by the joke of her not being able to escape through a keyhole because her hips won’t fit. In some ways it feels harmless, in another way, I really was surprised! Amazing how films change when seeing them as an adult!

It’s starting to cool off, finally. I am celebrating by making SOUP.

One pot of spicy tomatoey-beany soup (not quite chili), and chicken-chickpea-veggie soup in the crock pot. I still have four cans of green beans that are close to expiring, and I have to figure out what to do with THEM.

Of course, I had a minor adventure — a bit of oil had spilled under a burner, and it flared up while I was cooking the chicken. That burner pan desperately needs cleaning. NO MOAR FIRE.

UPDATE: The chicken-chickpea-veggie soup is my official favorite soup that I’ve made so far. The most difficult parts were opening the two small jars of mushrooms and fanning out the kitchen to make the smoke detector shut up.

Fortunately, the solution to the former happened during the latter; a neighbor was passing by and I asked him to come in and try to get the damn jars open. Which he did. With minimal effort. Of course. BUT WHOLE MUSHROOMS IN THE SOUP YUM.

You know the doohummies that people use to poke holes in juice cans? They make a triangular hole? They also work great for opening jars. I stick the pointy part under the edge of the lid and press the other end down. This pops the seal and, voila! open jar!

My recipes are all SUPER easy, and mostly used canned things (because I am lazy and because they’re cheaper).

The spicy tomato-bean not-quite-chili:
Six cans of beans (I had chili beans and kidneys)
Two cans of tomatoes (I used whole peeled tomatoes, but diced work too)
Seasonings: Onion, red pepper, black pepper

Open and dump tomatoes into pot. Open, drain, rinse, dump beans.
Add enough water to almost fill the pot (I used about 4 cups).
Add spices in the amounts that you want.

ON THE STOVE: Cook at a medium/high heat for an hour or two; stir when you need to. Turn to low/medium for another hour. Bowl. Spoon. Face.

For the chicken and chickpea and veggie amazingness:
Two chicken boobs.
Two cans of chickpeas.
One can each of carrots, corn, and green beans; two small jars of whole mushrooms.
One carton of low-sodium chicken broth.
Seasonings: “Montreal Chicken”, onion, garlic, chives; olive oil.

The process:
Cube chicken and cook it in the chicken seasoning and olive oil. Curse really loud when the burner flares up just as the chicken is done cooking.
Throw chicken into the crock pot.
Open, drain, rinse veggies. Curse at the jars the mushrooms are in. Notice male neighbors walking by. Ask one to open the jars.
Add chicken broth and as much of the seasonings as you like.
Stir, put lid on, turn crockpot on high setting.
Cook on high for four hours. Turn down to low when you’re hungry. Bowl. Spoon. Face.

I haven’t been here forever. This place is looking amazing! Congrats, PMag. The site looks just great.

I am currently very behind in school and am hoping I can channel the anxiety into production before it becomes crippling.

Is the ‘Ask a Librarian’ still a column? It was definitely one of my favorites and I would love to catch up.

A) Your puppy friend is freakin adorable!

B) Sometimes, my boyfriend is a total douche. And not even to me – this is based on a conversation he is having with his best friend re: the speech BF is making at his friend’s wedding. …just… such an asshole…

C) My birthday is coming up next week. I think I’m going to buy myself a pretty new dress and a book.

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