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It’s a double feature this week. We are getting close to the end of the season and it shows. Majestic Prince and the Yamato are starting mega space battles soon and the death toll is increasing. The Titans in Shingeki no Koijin are more into plot. I suspect this show will probably get a second season soon, although I don’t remember any announcement as of yet.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Episode 21

There are lots of oni-chan jokes in this episode. There was also a lot of “humanity is great because they care about each other.” A bit too much of “winning-because-we-are-more-moral” for my taste.

We also had a few nice events, though no battles, just lots of talking. Theoria is going to fight, too. The Star Rose is actually built on top of Theoria’s ship she took to move to Earth, which is also a mothership. Nobody wants Izuru to fight, so he’s in stand-by and all sad about it.

Next episode should be the start of the final battle. We might get a second season. I’m not sure of what it would be about if the gate is destroyed.

Episode 22

Space battle porn! Team Rabbit minus Izuru have the mission to send a market on the gate so the Straggle Lazers could hit it. Of course, this not being the last episode of the season, the strategy doesn’t work.

But, Latiel is dead. The Walguru with the yellow birdy mech is no more. We also learn that Sugura Gold 4 can link up to the Goldinion weapons along with Purple 2’s radar. This makes for a lot of firepower.

Besides this, the plot didn’t advance much. Izuru will probably make a sortie next episode, despite being relegated to tea service duty. Jiart isn’t going to show up unless he does. I also expect Theoria to show up on the battlefield.

Singeki no Koijin

Episode 21

It’s weird to see people moving super fast in midair with cables that they barely fire around or even check where they are going.

The lady titan re-transforms, too. I think that Eren is going to transform at some point; he’s always trying to do so. He’s really an idiot. After his entire squad gets killed, he has to turn back toward the monster… and he transforms.

A still from Singeki no Koijin
And there goes the tree

So there is a fight and Eren loses. He’s really not the brightest. For drama’s sake, Misaka sees the “end” and she goes a bit nuts. Levi has to stop her.

Episode 22

Well Eren doesn’t stay “stolen” for long, but the Lady Titan is still alive and left alone in the forest. She is also crying. *sniff* Levi did a number on her; even Mikasa was amazed.

After that we have the usual, “How am I going to die?” from the rookies. I hope we don’t get too much of this in the future because it becomes redundant. I think we will get a lot of the Legion, which is a waste of money. The 57th expedition is a failure and Elwin has to give back custody of Eren to the police. Mikasa isn’t going to like this.

Space Ship Yamato

Episode 21

So many dead. Captain Otika even added the Garmillas to the funerals.

Kodai is all emo now that Yuki has been kidnapped. *sigh* She’s going to change ships and be brought to Lord Desler. Bouahahah. She’s the wrong person. The ship change is happening at a planet called Leptapoda. Sounds like a some sort of ocean creature to me. Sometimes I wonder where writers find their names.

A still from Space Ship Yamato
That’s not an explosion, this is a funeral

The crustacean planet is the only place with the material to repair the Yamato. Too bad that it’s a prison planet where all the “good” Garmillas are being kept. Iscandarians are weird. Not only can Yurisha find Yuki on the planet, but she also loves her. Although, the conversation gets stopped by Ito and the mechanic that did that mutiny a while back.

They hide in the Seagull to not get thrown out of the ship, and now I guess they will do stupid things. They haven’t been the brightest so far. Although, this episode is full of random coincidences. See, not only was the Iscandarian princess making a stop there, the Seagull crashed, Kodai and friends got made prisoner (including Yurisha), and there was a prison break.

Well, the ending was cool. Kodai just learned that Iscandar is Garmilla’s twin planet (not sure how this works).

Episode 22

This is weird: we get a fast-paced exposition section in this episode about the Yamato officials meeting with Admiral Ditz and his newly acquired ex-prisoners. Funny enough, one of the Yamato crew stays with the prisoners, the dim-witted mechanic.

Otika is sure to die in the last episode. I like him, so I’m already sad about it. Kodai is totally emo, that’s going to be boring until Yuki is rescued. At least Melda is staying in the Yamato, so she and Rei should be interesting to watch. It doesn’t take long until Desler and his friends learned that Yuki wasn’t Yurisha. They also do a big ceremony to celebrate Domel’s death. Makes them sound like hypocrites, though. Even the secret services minister comments about it. This episode suffers from low artwork quality in some places too, which sort of sad considering the rest of the season.

And we are really, really close to an ending because the Yamato makes it to the last system. Which means that this is almost over! Noooooo.

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