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There was no Spaceship Yamato this week, but this show is a bit special because the TV airing happened after the DVD and theatrical release. The DVD has been postponed and I couldn’t find a subbed version for this week. Besides this, the Majestic Princes are encountering major opposition in their own show. While in Shingeki no Kyojin, Armin came up with a plan to not have to give Eren back to the Military Police.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 23

In the war of attrition, Team Rabbit is running out of juice. Lume’s units are guarding the gate while the other general is destroying everything. Jiart is bored and decides to go “out” to see if Red 5 will show up.

Jiart blocks Team Rabbit’s exit strategy to refuel, but guess who was launched. Although Blue 1 was out of juice, he would have been done for without this little help. I liked that for once the Captain isn’t the one asking for him to go out; she is even against it. It’s everyone else who does.

This episode is so weird. I’m used to see the “good guys” going all out, but here they are retreating. Yep, running… like rabbits, although it is sort of a decoy tactic. Teoria shows up to tell everyone to stop fighting. It doesn’t seem to work much. We also have pretty space fighting animations, but off-model inside the ships. One scene was rather strange, only the hands of a dude were moving for a bit too long when the rest didn’t even move.

Izuru's death flag up 99%
Izuru’s death flag up 99%

The second attempt to take out the gate fails and Izuru awakens his ASHMB. Next episode is going to be about the Star Rose finishing the job… or maybe not.

Singeki no Kyojin ep 23

An Annie-centric episode. It also adds a bit of filler, but it does a good job of explaining a few things about Annie. She failed as a warrior. Poor girl. She also seems to like Armin, a lot. I sort of ship them, despite Annie being the Lady Titan.

Yes, Annie was the Lady Titan that tried to capture Eren in the last few episode. And Armin tries to capture her in this episode when Eren is supposed to be given to the Military Police (and executed). The Legion has another idea — better to capture that Titan if you know who it is. It doesn’t really work though, because Annie transforms in the middle of a city.

We also get a better view of the Military Police. The senior members sell the gears to the black market. The boss just likes to drink and play card games so they let the rookies handle all the real work. It’s rather disgusting… it also means that the Legion could probably wipe the floor with them and take the capital without issue. We also saw a “wall worshipper”: they worship the walls as if they were gods. Pretty creepy.

Mikasa!!!! You look so awesome.
Mikasa!!!! You look so awesome.

Despite having almost no lines, Mikasa was as awesome as ever, though. This show needs more Mikasa.

Space Ship Yamato 2199 ep 23

No episode 23; it apparently will air closer to October. I’m sad about this, it was starting to pick up the ending stride quite well.

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