Weekly Anime Review

Still no Yamato 2199 this week. *sad face* On top of this, Majestic Prince had its last episode and it ended with a big crunch and an opening for a second season. Shingeki is coming close to its ending as well, but there is one more episode to go. The fall season starts in two weeks, and I currently have seven series I’m interested in watching, but I expect to not watch most of them past the first episode, though.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, Ep 24

The end. Well, sort of. This episode had no “after the fight” moment, but it’s the last one until we get a possible second season. I hope this show gets a second season. It was awesome, had interesting characters and still a lot of unanswered questions.

Let start with the fighting. That was just amazing. Lots of lasers everywhere, but Izuru vs. Jiart was freaking cool. With the big wings and stuff. It’s hard to explain what it looked like; it was more superhero fighting with special powers than sword and gun.

I also realized that Daneel’s mecha is super big. He was crushing enemies’ mecha with his hands. Yep, that big. Both he and Theoria stayed being after the gate collapsed, and they are stuck living on Earth now.

A still from "Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince."
Awakening 2.0 always result in pretty wings.

Izuru did an awakening 2.0 of his ASHMB. He was almost taken over by it, and it’s unclear if he got at his mind at the end. I’m betting on no if we ever get a second season. The other rabbits spent most of the episode trying to get him out of its instinct mind control. And another poor Kei this episode. Really girl, you should go toward Asagi. He’s the most sensible of the two brothers.

Simons survived and he had some strange comment about “still not being able to die Juria” and that he now lost everything, I’m not sure if this will ever be explained or not. Crossing fingers for another season.

The Walguru king was impressed that his gate was destroyed. He was all, “we found a new evolutionary path” in the end. Cue creepy music.

Singeki no Kyojin, Ep 24

Annie pulverized all the dudes trying to hold her.  At least, the episode starts with a small “a few day ago” flashback to ease us into it. Because the blood everywhere isn’t exactly a happy sight.

Eren really needs to learn how to control his power, because biting your hand all the time with no effect isn’t exactly healthy. He can’t transform, well, not yet, and Annie is trying to crush them in the tunnels.

A still from "Singeki no Kyojin."
Mikasa: what does it taste like?

Mikasa had a creepy moment there, but she was right. Eren has reservations about fighting Annie. He’s such a gentleman or just stupid or has a bad survival instinct system. Mikasa is all about surviving, though, and she can fly. The 3D maneuver gear animation was awesome this week.

The episode ended with Eren being totally pissed off, transforming and falcon punching Annie. Woot! One more episode to go and then a long wait time until a second season. The manga isn’t advanced enough.

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