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31 Days of Halloween, Day 17 — 10 Amazing Make Up Tutorials

Somehow we’ve already passed the midpoint of October, which means every second that goes by is one you’ve lost in planning your Halloween costume. You could always whip out a long black dress, some opera gloves and bouffant your hair up for a trusty Holly Golightly. But if you’re looking for a costume that’s a little more dramatic and you have some prep time, I’ve collected ten great YouTube tutorials for your edification and enjoyment. 

The tutorials range from the family friendly to the rated R for gore, so there’s a little something here for everyone’s tastes and ability levels. And share photos if you decide to try any of the tips collected below.

Aladdin Sane by Kandee Johnson

Elphaba by audface

Lily Munster by Medusamonroemakeup

Masquerade Mask by Shaina Azad

Medusa by xteener

Pinhead by UnlimitedElizabeth

Pop Art by Emma Pickles

Skeleton by PEImakeupartist

Steampunk Iron Mask by ambraphotography

Ursula the Sea Witch by Goldiestarling

By [E] Slay Belle

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