5 iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Okay, perhaps I engage in a smidge of hyperbole when I say that I cannot live without these apps. Surely, I would somehow pick up the pieces of my life and go on if I no longer had access to my iPhone. But, they have made my life a lot easier.

1. Food on the Table

Screenshot of Food on the Table iPhone AppFood on the Table markets itself as a money-saving app and boasts that Oprah featured it on her show. I have yet to see if it has substantially cut my grocery bill. But, I do enjoy that this app allows me to add local grocery stores so that I may view their weekly sales and ads without having to grab a paper insert. It also allows me to build a grocery list using those ads and build recipes around the food items I’ve purchased. Or, maybe I want to input or import recipes and build my grocery list from there. I can also plan out meals for the week and search for recipes based on ingredients I already have on hand. I haven’t had this app for very long, but I can already definitely say that it’s made grocery shopping a hell of a lot easier.


Screencap of Google Maps iTunes app2. Google Maps

Google Maps comes in very handy for someone who cannot drive and typically takes the bus everywhere. I recently moved to an entirely new city, and I wouldn’t be able to leave my house without Google Maps giving me a little help on learning the bus routes. My favorite feature allows you to sort routes by arrival and departure times and fastest route or least walking. When I need to get to my friend’s place across town at seven on a Friday night but don’t want to do a lot of walking, Goggle will tell me exactly how to do that. It also doubles as a GPS with voice commands for you drivers out there, so don’t think you’ve been left out in the cold.


Screecap of Internet Movie Database iTunes app3. IMDb

Do you ever those moments when you wonder, “What movie have I seen this actor in before?” Or, maybe you think to yourself, “I really enjoy this person. I wonder what else they’ve appeared in so I can mainline that too.” Well, wonder no more, because the IMDb app will answer those questions and more in a moment’s notice.

I use this app frequently to check out the latest trailers, film and television news, and upcoming movies. But, I most often use the feature that uses my location to instantly tell me which theaters in my preferred radius are currently playing whichever movie I choose. I can also browse by theater and just see what’s playing. For you recappers, this also comes in handy when you need to know a character’s name and the actor that portrays them in a pinch.


Screencap of Netflix iTunes app

4. Netflix

I don’t watch much film or television on the Netflix app because the quality isn’t fantastic on my little iPhone screen, so I’d end up squinting a lot. But, I do have a Netflix app on my Blu-Ray player that gets a lot of use, and this app makes it quick and easy to add and delete things from my instant queue. It also allows me to browse their catalog and recommendations while lying in bed and without having to take out the laptop and log into my account. Now, that’s convenience!


Screencap of the Weather Channel's iTunes app5. The Weather Channel

I check the Weather Channel app each and every single day. I not only currently reside in a new city but a totally different part of the United States to which I’m accustomed. The southwest is mighty hot compared to Wisconsin where we call our professional football field the “frozen tundra.” So, it’s been very useful to know what the weather is going to be like on a given day and how the weather will change over the course of the day. When you’re paying out of the booty for air conditioning, it’s nice to know that two hours after sunset it’s going to be cool enough outside to turn off the air and save a little money on my electricity bill. My allergies would also like to thank the Weather Channel app for their pollen tracker.


Readers, what smartphone apps do you love and use constantly? Have you checked out some of Persephone’s other app recommendations?

By Marena

Marena recently earned her Master of Arts degree in Social Justice & Human Rights & primarily explores social justice issues in the production & consumption of popular mass media. You may find her creating fanworks, testing her hand-eye coordination with beadweaving, flailing over her fictional faves, reading everything from fanfic to theory texts, or watching low budget sci-fi. You can find her writing on Marena ni yukyats.

2 replies on “5 iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without”

Google Maps is awesome, and much more reliable than Apple Maps, which keeps trying to take me to Iowa when I want to go across town.

I love the Readability app, it lets you save articles from the web to a free account, and then the content is optimized for your screen. (Free)

Cook’s Companion cost a little, but it comes with conversion charts, substitution lists, a recipe builder with on-hand ingredients, and more. The design is cute, too.

I have a game I bought for an iPod touch in 2009 called LuxDLX I still play all the time, it’s like Risk, but you can download a ton of user created maps to keep the game play fresh.

I’m a TiVo lover, and the I should use the awesome TiVo app more than I do. It’s got a built in remote, all the features of the Tivo menu, and cool interactive features, including the ability to look up an actor/actress in a show you’re watching live.

I also have an app called Bean that lets you count things, and display the info visually. I use it to keep track of how many Diet Cokes I drink, how many times I remember to exercise (ha.), how many emails I have to answer, and how much I need to write each week.

Apple maps is such a pain in the ass, and I’m not sure why they have a button for public transportation if you can’t actually use it in app. Urgh.

These all sound like helpful apps. I think I’m going to end up purchasing the Cook’s Companion app. It looks amazing and I love cooking so it will come in handy.

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