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A View from the P-Mag Treehouse Offices: P-Mag vs. Bustle

Do you remember Bryan Goldberg and Bustle? Check out the photo of the Bustle team at the top of this profile from a few weeks ago and join us in the P-Mag heavy bag/trampoline room.

Photo of the Bustle staff hard at work. With Bryan Goldberg.
Women =/= furniture.

Stephens: I have a friend who writes for Bustle and she’s posted on FB numerous times defending Goldberg and I just can’t…

Savannah: *eyeroll*

Pileofmonkeys: He is typing on that woman’s lap. Nope nope nope.

Selena: This could be a fun listicle. “Based on this photo, this is how Persephone is different (better) than Bustle:”

Selena: 1. Where is their coffee?

Selena: 2. We have a firm “People aren’t furniture” rule.

Hillary: 3. We get to wear yoga pants and no bras.

Selena: 4. That wine on the floor probably didn’t even come from a box.

Hillary: (He thinks Jezebel has a “philosophical” voice. LMAO)

Pileofmonkeys: 5. No bros allowed

Stephens: 6. I bet they don’t have secret unicorn code names.

Pileofmonkeys: 7. Those heels are evening wear, not office wear.

Hillary: 8. We like ladies who are older than 34.

Pileofmonkeys: 9. We embrace ponytails and other lazy hairstyles.

Selena: 10. I don’t see any cheese. Or pets.

Pileofmonkeys: If that dude tried to use my lap as a desk, he’d pull back his typing hand as a bloody stump.

Selena: You could get yourself a pinky with a rapidly closing Mac Book. That shit is well designed.

Selena: 11. I bet none of them are fixing the database.

Savannah: 12. We have actual writers with disabilities

Pileofmonkeys: Their web team is all men, apparently.

Savannah: 13. We don’t hide our writers of color behind hair

Selena: 14. Our writers all come from different ZIP codes.

Stephens: 15. Our writers come in all the beautiful body types and sizes.

Alyson: 16. Do they even have queer voices at all? i haven’t been on the site so i am not sure…cuz we have queer voices in boatloads

Sally: 17. We actually practice what we preach.

Sally: 18. We believe that the definition of nontraditional publishing should maybe include room for a publisher who is not white, male and moneyed.

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