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Birthday Giveaway: Scottish Crystal Necklace

Before anyone wonders why there isn’t a unicorn up for grabs (or a certain Time Lord, for that matter), I checked with the post office and sending unicorns and Time Lords is prohibited. I checked. I looked for loopholes, but alas, none were to be found.So instead of a unicorn or Time Lord, the offering from Scotland is a thistle necklace, hand made from crystal, with sterling silver fittings.

Handmade in Scotland.
Crystal necklace
Plus, this seemed considerably simpler to wrap up. Trying to wrap up a unicorn just didn’t end well. Hooves and horn all over the place. Paper and tape everywhere.

To have a chance of this beauty finding its way to you, leave a comment! Suggestions, for future reference, of how to wrap up unicorns would also be very much welcomed.

(N.B. Whisky was prohibited, too…)

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