Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: Seattle Loves Persephone!

I am one of several Seattle/Western Washington Persephoneers, and I have to say, we do love P-Mag. How best to show some love except to participate in the birthday giveaway? Amirite? Behold the goodies!

Up first, we have some Starbucks Pike Place roast coffee. I know that people either love Starbucks or hate it, but Starbucks is still a Seattle icon. I figured nothing could get more Seattle than Starbucks’ Pike Place roast since the Pike Place Market location is Seattle’s oldest Starbucks in existence. (Note: not the first Starbucks, which exists no longer. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.)

Pike Place roast
Pike Place roast

Following the coffee beans we have a package of Swedish Fish! Yes, technically not from Washington, but we do have a lot of Scandinavians in the area and a lot of salmon so…suspend your disbelief with me. ;)


There is another sweet item included in the giveaway, and it is chocolate. These chocolate bars are actually from Portland — and no, they didn’t put a bird on it — but I felt like they really embraced the Pacific Northwest with these flavors. One of the chocolate bars is dark chocolate with espresso and the other one is milk chocolate with sea salt toffee. It was with great self restraint that I did not eat these as soon as I purchased them. (And yes, I do have a sweet tooth, in case you can’t tell already!)


Next up we have a pancake and waffle mix from the Snoqualmie Lodge. This might seem like an odd item, but let me explain a bit. The Snoqualmie Lodge is right next to Snoqualmie Falls, which is a popular tourist destination in a natural setting. The lodge was known for its pancakes. If urban rumor is to be believed, if you ordered the pancakes, the server would pour syrup on them from quite a distance up to mimic the waterfall. Kind of cheesy but very Washington.


Finally, we have a surprise item that is not pictured, and you may never know what that item is unless you participate in this giveaway! Ooooo…surprises. :)

Best of luck to you all!


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