Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: UfYH Swag

P-Mag is three years old today! And three-year-olds make quite a mess, I’ve heard.

To celebrate, I’m giving away two copies of the UfYH app for iPhone/iPad (sorry Android users, but we’re working on it, I promise!) and a giant (16 oz.) UfYH logo mug.

Screenshot of the homepage of the UfYH iOS app
Terrifying motivation for your mobile device!
Coffee mug with the UfYH logo
16 oz. is the minimum amount of coffee needed for me to make full sentences.

Tell me in the comments what your worst “invisible corner” or messiest room is. Winners will be randomly chosen, and the app will be in the form of a code, so if you don’t have an iDevice, you can give it to someone who does!

To enter this giveaway, you can comment on this post, like this post on our Facebook page, share the post on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, and/or reblog on Tumblr. Winners will be chosen via random number generator after the giveaway closes at 12:01 a.m. EST, Monday October 14. You may enter once per entry type (so one like, one comment, one reblog, etc.) By entering, you agree to the full contest Terms & Conditions. Winners will be announced on Persephone Magazine on Friday, October 18 and contacted by the writer to arrange delivery.

14 replies on “Birthday Giveaway: UfYH Swag”

I have an area behind my front door which has become a bit of a dumping ground for shoes and things I’ve pulled out of the car. There’s currently about 6 pairs of shoes, a 10lt water bottle, car cleaning gear, degreaser, a phone book, my baby bag and a few other things. The space is only about 1.5 metres long and 20cm wide :p. It’s behind the door when it opens, so you don’t see it on the way in and is hidden from just about everywhere, so you just don’t notice what’s piling up

If I win, can I opt for the app? I’m not in the US so it might be a bit far to post a mug…

My invisible corner of shame is behind my kitchen table. Stuff gets tossed in that corner “for now”, stuff falls off the table and gets kicked back there “for now”… And then I have a huge mess back there. *sigh*

I prefer tea myself, but I bet 16 ounces of Chai would keep me going to clean it more than once every few months!

My room is pretty messy — desk strewn with papers, stuff all over the floor, bookshelves haphazardly crammed with books — but I have a (tiny) walk-in closet that’s even messier. It’s crammed with stuff from ceiling to floor, and it ends up spilling all over the place. Plus it’s uninsulated, so I hardly ever venture in there during winter.

The foot of my dresser is a nightmare. It’s where I put garbage, recycling, clothes to give away, and crap that needs to get out of my room. Btw, I have been using the app pretty much nonstop for the past 5 days while I am off between jobs and trying to un-fuck my whole life. I love you for it.

I have a LOT of messy rooms in this house. But I will say that the one that bothers me the most has to be my bedroom. I don’t have a floordrobe, but I do have Mt. Clothing. Which is actually blocking the closet door. Which hasn’t been opened in… a long time.

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