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Birthday Giveway: Personalized Fanfiction from MJ

Simply put, fanfiction is new fiction that is created using established characters from books, TV shows or movies. Repeated use of the phrase “Oh, my” is optional.

I’ve been writing fanfiction for about two years now, mostly for the TV show Bones. For the purposes of this giveaway, though, your wish is my command! Your prompt — your story!

Want laugh-out-loud funny? I can do that.

Socially relevant? Done it.

Need a good cry? Gotcha covered.

In the mood to change canon? Okay and Okay.

I’ve tiptoed up to the line of  M-fic territory. 

And I even have a timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly bit of time travel (which has nothing to do with Doctor Who, despite my stealing the Tenth Doctor’s line. I don’t have a Doctor Who fanfic. I totally need a Doctor Who fanfic!).

Leave a comment below. Your Inner Goddess will be pleased.

Oh, my.
Oh, my.

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